Friday, 4 June 2010

Soundtrack To My Week

This week has been really liberating for me, after my post yesterday and the fantastic comments from everyone. I'm now in the process of setting up a Music review blog and I'm really excited about it!!

I have 8 days until I'm 30, so today I had an early birthday treat from OH and went and had my hair cut and coloured. I've gone shorter and blonder.

This is me just after it was done.
and me after I played with it a bit.
Pictures never do it justice

I've chosen this track this week not because its by my favourite band but because the chorus is really apt for this week...

It's my life

It's now or never

I ain't gonna live forever
I just wanna live while I'm alive

Have you guessed what it is yet?............

Bon Jovi, Its My Life



  1. English Grandma4 June 2010 at 19:23

    The fringe suited you....

  2. Love the haircut, not so sure of the song though!!

  3. Looking great for 30! It's a big milestone & one I struggled with but I love love love being in my thirties! I hope you will too. Happy birthday wishes early to you! X

  4. Classic song! Loving the hair too! I'll be thirty in August, feels like i'll have to be a "proper" adult then. lol. (as if!) As my mate said when she turned the big 3-0. "It doesn't hurt!" Best wishes.
    Sal. X

  5. looking beautiful as ever - and i did know the song as I went to see bon jovi with your dad at hammersmith palais on that tour- where a bridge came out and jbjs crotch in leather trousers was literaly above my head - wot a night (but i think ur dad was embarrassed by me and my flat mate!!). 30 is nothing love - in fact i love my forties - i hated my teens - you have a beautiful girl, a lovely oh and a new career on ur own terms ahead and so many people that love you and think that you are brill- and i still can't believe its 30 years since you were born!! take care sweetheart xo

  6. Well you know I love Bon Jovi. And I really love your hair! I think the colour is brilliant. I'm a big believer in blondes having more fun. Of course I'm a natural. *cough*

  7. Good for you hon! so pleased for you and you look fab loving the hair and song choice. I'll get my office to get in touch with you and sort you out some cds just DM me on twitter with your private email x

  8. English Grandma - I can have it either way

    TheMadHouse - Thanks hun, Bon Jovi is not for everyone.

    Chesiremum - I'm sure I'll be fine once I get there!

    resewn Sally - Thank you hun x

    singlemamasrock - Does it make you feel old? Mwah x

    Liz (livingwithkids) - Thank you hun, I believe you.

    rock n roll mummy - you are a super start!


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