Friday, 11 June 2010

Soundtrack To My Week - Birthday Special

Normally on a Friday I do the Soundtrack To My Week where I choose a song that best represents my week. As its my 30th Birthday tomorrow I thought I would share the song that was number 1 when I was born.

Unfortunately that song was Crying by Don McLean which just a little bit depressing, so I've chosen a tack from 1980 the year I was born. 

It was tough to choose as they were some great tracks released that year including, Brass in my pocket by the Pretenders, Going Underground by The Jam and The Winner takes it all by Abba.

The song I have chosen is.......

Call Me by Blondie 

NM x

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  1. Happy Birthday! It's my 30th in a few weeks and Crying was my No.1 too, how lovely - not! Hope you had a lovely day x


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