Monday, 27 April 2009

Change To Scheduled Blog

The last two weeks have been very very busy!! We have started weaning, I had my first night away from Baby Girl and we went on our first family holiday!!

And that’s what I was going to blog about , until I received news yesterday that my Uncle (by marriage) and my 17 year old cousin were in a car accident. My uncle was killed instantly and my cousin was airlifted to Whitechapel Hospital with head injuries.

Thankfully she awoke earlier today, she has many fractures to her pelvis but they seem to be the only injuries and for that we are eternally grateful .

The most disturbing thing of all is that the guy who crashed into them has been arrested on suspicion on drinking and driving!!! I really do hope this is not the case , its bad enough to lose someone you love but to lose them because someone was reckless and stupid is horrid.

I really don’t know what else to write, so am just going to say thank you again to all the well wishes it really helped

NM x

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Blogging Award

Woo hoo I have been nominated for a blogging award!! Thank you very much to Brenda at Family life (which by the way is also a great blog)

So what I have to do is nominate a blog to receive this award and then list 5 things I’m addicted to, so here it goes.

I nominated The Secret Diaries Of A Wannabe Yummy Mammy, so very funny and entertaining, please check her out!

And here are the 5 things I’m addicted to

1. Coffee!!! I used to be addicted to cigarettes but when I fell pregnant I gave up smoking, so my new addicted is caffeine, OH has gone out and bought me a new coffee machine so I can get my fix of proper coffee. My favourite is a Vanilla Latte mmm bliss

2. Blogging!! This is also a new addiction I’ve always been addicted to the internet but I’m now addicted to blogging, reading blog and twitter, it is threatening to take over my life!!

3. Shoes!! I do not need to explain

4. Organising!! I love to organise, my life, my day, my shopping, parties, days out , you name it I’ll organise it!! I am know as the organiser among my friends and the come to me to help plan their life’s!! I work best under pressure in the past I have organised a Wedding in 3 days!! (Yes 3 days!) and a hen weekend away with 24 hours notice!

5. My baby girl! I can’t help my self, I want to hug and kiss her all the time, I watch her sleep, I watch her play, I wake up in the middle of the night and check on her. She is by far my favourite addicted!!

NM x

Monday, 13 April 2009

Tummy Bugs And Teething Do Not Mix

Hello sorry for the lack of blogging but if you follow me on twitter you would have known I’ve been poorly, actually we have been the poorly house for the last week!

It started in the early morning of last Sunday I woke up feeling really sick, my head hurt and I thought I was going to vomit. I managed to fall asleep again and was woken at 7 by Baby Girl, well I felt awful I rolled over to OH to get him to get BG up so I could have a little lay in to find he felt poorly as well !! Thankfully OH is fantastic and got up anyway and left me to have another hour.

When I got up I was still feeling really ill, it reminded me of the nausea I had when I was pregnant it just would not go away. We were supposed to be going to the seaside as the weather was glorious but we felt that bad we spent the day on the sofa

Actually we spent the next three days on the sofa!!! OH took two days off work, that’s unheard of in our house, that’s when you know he’s really ill.

For the first two days BG was good she was happy to lay on the floor and play, me and OH laid on sofa’s at opposite sides of the room with BG in the middle taking turns to get up with her. Well by day three day she started to grizzly, to start with we thought she had got our tummy bug but then we realised it was her teeth playing her up.

BG has been teething for the last 5 weeks!!! We are yet to see a tooth and its now interrupting her sleep !!
Gone is the baby that would be in bed for 7 now its 8, 8.30 one night she was still up at 10!
She falls asleep but as soon as we put her down she starts screaming its not fun especially when you’re feeling like death warmed up! Once she has settled in bed she stays asleep until morning but its getting her settled that’s the problem. Its making the days very long!

I think it’s a mixture of the clocks changing and her teething that is turning her into a grump, I also think she may be getting ready for weaning but I’m not sure , I hate not knowing what to do!! I’m going to see the health visitor this week when I get her weighed and will ask her but if anyone has any advice I would be grateful.

Today is the first day I feel OK so hopefully the tummy bug as gone, I hope so!!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter

NM x

Friday, 3 April 2009

She's Gone!!!!!

"Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead. "

OK so she's not a Witch and she's not dead but she has gone!!!

Batty lady has moved out, gone, vamoosed, left, flew off on her broom stick etc etc

Not that am happy!!! No I'm over the moon!

She has left us a present though, 10 black bin bags, 5 green, 6 crates and some cardboard boxes, but I don't care !! She's gone Woo Hoo!

I just have to wait now to see who moves in, keep your fingers crossed!

NM x

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Beauty Routine????

Now I’ve never been a particularly glamorous woman or a real girly girl but I do love makeup , especially wearing makeup. However I have found since having BG as I’m sure you other mum’s have that I don’t have the time or inclination to follow my old beauty routine , well at least not everyday (when OH is off I have a mini pamper session). To be honest when she was first born my makeup and hair were the last thing on my mind but as we have gotten into a routine and she sleeps through the night, the need for me to look and feel more human has arrived.

My old routine would take me at least 20 mins, my new routine takes 5 mins. I have recently had my hair cut short and highlighted which helps make my routine shorter. I bet your wondering how do highlights make my routine shorter well I shall tell you.

I am naturally blonde but I have had my hair dark for the last 5 years, being a natural blonde means that I am pale and have light eyebrows which means I require more makeup to look alive and need to fill my eyebrows in to match my hair, so lighten my hair means I need less makeup, hence less time.

My old routine:-

Eyebrows (wax first then powder)
Eye shadow
Lip gloss
Straighten all hair

New routine:-

Wipe face with 4 in 1 face wipe
Dust face with mineral powder
Vaseline on lips (stopped using lip gloss everyday as I kiss BG a lot)
Run brush through hair (Run hair straightner over top of hair if have time)

Not only do I save time and money with my new routine but I’ve realised I don’t actually have to wear so much makeup to look good!

As we are talking pampering a extra little story for you. Monday night OH came home a huge Champneys gift set for me (which is lush) when I asked him (in a nice tone) what he had bought it for he replied “it was reduced” not the answer I was looking for!!! Lol

NM x


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