Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This is BG last week when she first noticed birds in our garden. She kept pointing and getting excited.

We have since realised she was saying 'sthat' as in 'what's that?'!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Story Time

After my talk with the Health Visitor the other week and the article on BBC news online about how children's books are being ousted by DVD's (apparently 1 in 20 homes has less then 10 books in it!) it just made me sad that children are going to school not knowing what how to open books and not understanding the magic stories can bring.

I love to read, before BG I could easily devour a book in a day (I read the last Harry Potter book in 8 hours!). I love the way you can escape into a story and forget about whats going on in the real world. A great story will transport to where ever in the world it is set, you can smell the same smells and hear all the sounds, you can picture every last detail.

We always had loads of books at home when I was growing up, both my mother and father love to read and me and my sisters have that same passion for books. We share books, recommend books and buy them for each other.

Some of my favourite stories are from childhood books, Hedi is my favourite book but I will in all honesty read almost anything!.

Me and OH started to read to BG before she was born, we read 'Guess how much I love you?' to my bump for months and we carried on reading it to hear once she was born. Amongst her first presents where many books from my dad and sister including 'The very hungry Caterpillar' which I love. BG has a good collection of books at only 10 months old, in fact she has about 30!

BG has recently become obsessed with books, an obsession that makes me really happy. In the last few weeks BG has allowed me to sit and read stories to her again. She went through a stage, that when ever I got a book out she would just try to eat it, a phase I've been ensured most children go through! But now she will sit and sometimes I get to read the whole book before she rips it from my hands.

If I say to her "BG bring the book to mummy and I'll read you a story", she's crawls over with a book and a big smile on her face and climbs up for a story.

However my favourite thing is when she sits on the floor with a book in her hands and flicks through the pages by herself, it can keep her occupied for a good 5 mins! The look on her face is priceless.

I hope BG always has a passion for books, I can't wait to read her my favourite children's books like 'The Magic Faraway Tree' and all the old fairytales.

I would hate if TV or computers became more important then reading, books are great for the imagination and that's what children should have!


Friday, 16 October 2009

Down in the Dumps!

I know I haven't posted all week, its been one of those weeks where all of a sudden you realise its Friday and wonder were the week has gone.

This week started really well, Monday I attended a Inspiring Women conference (which I will give its own post as it deserves it), I left feeling really positive and upbeat but by the time I got home I had a splitting headache and felt miserable again. That's how this week has basically gone lots of highs then a slap back down to earth!

My sister cam to visit on Tuesday which was lovely, I do miss having my family close to me, but as always her visit was too short and she was soon leaving. The headache I had Monday was still there and BG is still not sleeping!! She has yet more teeth coming through and still has a cold!

Wednesday started all so well, I recieved an email from one of the Job sites I am on which had the perfect job for me, so I sent over my CV and letter and thought that's a good start. I them went to the Job Centre which I hate doing, but there were a few jobs that were suitable so I thought wow what a great day! I walked along to the shop that had one of the jobs going to pick up an application then went home. That afternoon I rang about the other vacancy to be told that the position was filled SATURDAY!!! Why the hell was it still being advertised??? My good mood started to fade. I then got an email back to say I wasn't suitable for the other role! Good mood gone, headache back!

My headache was so bad I was in bed at 8.30! it doesn't take a genius to workout where the headaches are coming from!

So at at the moment I just feel deflated a bit, but I will keep on going! I'm a bit like a weeble you knock me done and I spring back up!

I had a great one to one session with the lady who runs Linen at Home and I'm now registered as self employed and have a bank meeting set up! I just need to book my first Linen party and I'm waiting for the webshop to go live and then I will be annoying everyone for sales!!

OK I've had a moan I'm now off to relax I've still got that headache! I promise to have some upbeat posts next week


PS the lovely Kellyfairy has a competition over at her blog to win a fab new book, she knows the author don't cha know!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Developmental Review

The beginning of the week started out slow for us, Baby Girl has got a cold and is teething so it’s all snot and dribble at our house! Thankfully her two top teeth have cut through so she might start to cheer up soon (Mummy can dream)

On Wednesday BG has her 8-12 month development check up, now I’m really happy with what she can do at 10 months but it didn’t stop me worrying . I think that’s natural as a Mother, I try not to compare her to other children her age but I can’t help it.

Well there was no need for me to worry, the health visitor was really happy with what she could, she even said she was a little advanced (sorry bragging!!) we only had one tantrum when I had to undress and the dress her again .

The highlight of the visit was when she gave BG her Bookstart book, she took it from her sat on the floor and started flicking through the pages, the HV said it was a testament to me that she knew how to do that already. She said that quite a few children go to school not knowing how to open a book!! How sad is that?

The low point was when the HV noticed that the creases on the back of BG’s legs didn’t match up so we have to go to the GP to check her hips. I'm trying not to worrying, she's strong on her legs and crawls well, so fingers crossed its just because she has chubby legs!

BG now weighs 23lbs 5 ozs and is 76 cms long!! That 2ft 5.9 in's already, I'm only 5ft 3in she is going to tower over me!!

I'm not scared.......honest!


Sunday, 4 October 2009


This week has been a mixed week, after the high of Monday the rest of the week fell somewhat flat.

We've all been full of cold and mix that with a teething baby its not been fun. On the plus side I joined up as a consultant for Linen Online so will be annoying you soon to buy your sheets from me!

I've really low this week especially at the end, by Thursday night came I just wanted to hide away and not speak to anyone. So on Friday I unplugged from everything no Internet, no email, no twitter (expect 5 mins last night), and stayed away and focused on BG and OH.

I realised how obsessed I had become with being online and my blogs. I think because I've not got a paid job that I'm looking for something to stimulate me and my mind.

The problem is that I've let it take over just a little bit and I need to cut back on how long I spend on the computer or I'm at risk of becoming permanently attached!!

So my new rule is that I will not go on the computer while BG is awake except on OH's day off, so it will be nap times, bed times and when daddy is home. I can write posts for New Mummy's Tips in advance and scheduled them to run and this blog will stay organic and I will blog as and when I have something to say. I will also work on Midlands Mums in my baby free time.

Though Linen at Home and Tish Tash Toys will become a priority on the run up to Christmas as will job hunting.

What about Twitter? Well for those of you that follow me if I'm on too long tell me off. I have it on my Blackberry so its so easy to have a little tweet when BG is playing!

Ok I've emails to reply to and a little catching up to do, BG and OH are napping so I'm allowed on!


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Pampers and UNICEF's 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine Campaign - The Gift Of Life

On Monday I had the great honour to attend a press conference in London for the launch of this year’s Unicef and Pampers 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign.

I also got the chance to meet some other fab mummy and daddy bloggers! I met Rosie from Rosie Scribble, Tim from Bringing up Charlie, Karin from Cafe Bebe, Hazel from Hot Cross Mum, Babyccino,, Manic Mammy and Mummymaps.

from L-R - Me, Natascha, Tim, Rosie and Karin

We also meet Natascha Mcelhone who is this year’s celebrity ambassador, who is really nice and very passionate about this campaign.

We had a lovely day (well I did) , we had a good amount of time to all have a chat (mainly about kids and blogging!!) then we had the press conference where they explain what they were doing and why they were doing it, then a yummy lunch and more time to chat!!

I suppose I better actually tell you about the campaign!

Pampers has joined forces with UNICEF for the fourth year running as part of its ongoing dedication to helping eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus by 2012.
Since the start of the campaign in 2006, thanks to the support of mums in the UK and around the world, Pampers has provided the funding for a life-saving dose of the Tetanus vaccine for a mother and her baby every two seconds. This amounts to over 200 million tetanus vaccines donated to UNICEF.

This year, together with the support of UK mums, Pampers is hoping to raise the funding for a further 100 million vaccines to help UNICEF eliminate this deadly disease history.
UNICEF and the World Health Organisation (WHO) believe that the goal of eliminating maternal and newborn tetanus could be possible by 2012. UNICEF’s goal is to support countries in achieving maternal and newborn tetanus elimination

So what is maternal and newborn tetanus?
Maternal and newborn tetanus, are deadly diseases caused by bacteria that lives on dead and decaying matter in soil, animal dung and faeces, usually begin with the contamination of an open wound. When the bacteria enter an open wound they begin to work as a nerve toxin (poison), affecting the central nervous system and causing painful and uncontrolled muscle spasms. Tetanus can cause one of the most painful deaths known to man. Anyone can contract maternal and newborn tetanus if they are not vaccinated; however, it is usually newborns and women in remote rural areas without access to antenatal care or immunisation that become infected.

Once maternal and newborn tetanus have been contracted there is no real cure. In rural areas of less industrialised countries where health infrastructure is very limited, almost all infants that are infected with newborn tetanus die. Even today over 90% of the babies that suffer from newborn tetanus and who have no access to treatment facilities will die

Newborn (Neonatal) tetanus occurs when newborns are infected as a direct result of unhygienic birthing practices, such as cutting the umbilical cord with un-sterile instruments, handling it with dirty hands or treating it with contaminated dressings and traditional substances such as ghee, cow dung, ashes and mud. Mothers can be infected with maternal tetanus during an unsafe or unsanitary delivery

Maternal and newborn tetanus are completely preventable through immunisation and hygienic birth practices. Women receiving two doses of tetanus vaccine at least four weeks apart will be protected for three years after the second dose. During that protective period, any babies born to these women will be protected for the first two months of life. Three doses of the tetanus vaccine are needed to fully protect a woman for five years and any babies born to this woman for its first two months.

So what can you do to help? During October, November and December 2009, for every Pampers product purchased with the ‘1 Pack = 1 Life-Saving Vaccine’ logo, Pampers will provide UNICEF with funding for one life-saving tetanus vaccine to help protect a mother and baby in need

I’m not asking you to completely switch to Pampers if its not a brand you buy but if you just switched once in this period that’s 1 extra vaccine!And its not just nappies its wipes as well. If every member of British Mummy Bloggers bought a pack of nappies or wipes that would be 645 vaccines! How easy is that?

You can also open a Virtual Gift For Life and 1 vaccine will be donated! So do that as well or instead!

As bloggers we have been asked to write about and support this campaign, we were also given a physical Gift For Life to pass around, so watch this space for what I will do with mine.

To start the campaign off that launched today I am starting a Gift For Life Meme!

And here are the rules

1 Open the virtual Gift For Life by going here
2 Write a small post on the campaign
3 Pass on to 5 other bloggers
4 Add the campaign badge to your sidebar
5 Feel incredibly proud that you are helping to make a difference!!

I am passing the Gift Of Life onto:

I will be updating you on the campaigns progress over the next three months and watch out for more posts on the campaign!

Thank you in advance for your help and support


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