Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Well I thought my weekend was busy, my Monday was non-stop and its all my own fault!!!

I decided yesterday that instead of staggering my housework across the week as I had been doing and feeling that I never stop I would do the majority of it on a Monday giving me the rest of the week to spend playing with Baby girl. I finally finished and sat down at 8.30 last night!!

This is what I achieved:-

1. Cleaned kitchen
2. Threw out old kitchen ware
3. Emptied fridge of out of date food (not much)
4. Cleaned living room
5. Hoovered stairs
6. Cleaned bathroom
7. Cleaned bedrooms put away washing from weekend
8. 3 loads of washing, dried and folded ready to be put away
9. Swept front yard
10. Organised coupons
11. Shredded paperwork that was no longer needed
12. Emptied all bins put out ready for collection
13. Washed and sterilised Baby Girls bottles
14. Prepped Dinner
15. Changed Baby Girl and Mummy 3 times as Baby Girl was sick over both of us
15. Wrote a blog post
16. Tried to get tickets for Reading Festival
17. Finalised online shopping from Sainsbury’s that is coming tonight
18. Planned meals for the rest of the work
19. Wrote a list of what we need for our holiday
20. Collapsed!!

So today I don’t have to anything!!! Right?

Except the washing up needs doing and I could run the hoover over the living room…

Someone stop me, please!!!


Monday, 30 March 2009

Where Has The Weekend Gone???

Even though I'm on maternity leave at the moment I still see the weekend as time to relax, take it easy, see friends etc and that's what I've tried to do this weekend but my god doesn't time go fast. I also find weekends just a tiring as the week!!!

My weekend started on Friday, one of my best friends came over with her daughter (she is 7 weeks younger then my Baby Girl (trying to stop calling her BFB) ) We went to the local baby and toddler group, played with the babies, talked to the other mum's, dranks coffee. Then we walked into town and had lunch, we got home about 2ish ,I then had to get dinner ready for the evening, prep BG bottles. I had done the housework in morning, by the time I got BG to bed I was shattered, it was only 7pm.

Saturday my Dad came to visit, so again we went to lunch, walked around town. I had to entertain him all afternoon (OH was at work) again by the time BG went to bed I was ready for mine.

Then came Sunday when the glorious clocks go forward an hour!!! OH had to work late night so we had the morning together, then he went off to work and I had BG all day and had to do the night time routine by myself. Because the clocks went forward so she didn't go to bed until 8, I then had to cook my dinner by the time OH got home at 9 I was ready to collaspe!!

And now its Monday again, where did my lazy weekend go???

If anyone finds it can they please send it back I miss it!

NM x

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Its Time To Turn Off The Baby Monitor!!!

I'm a really lucky mummy, Baby has slept through the night since she was 8 weeks old! She's doesn't wake up in the middle of the night and is in bed by 7pm, so why can't me and OH get a good nights sleep????

Now baby sleeps in her own room, I know the say have the baby in your room until they are 6 months old. However we couldn't fit the cot into our room so once she grow out of her Moses basket she was moved into her own room. We have the baby monitor on in our room so we can hear her and hear her we can!!

Baby is a very noisy sleeper, she snores, grunts and groans and keeps us up all night as we wake up at every noise, then if we don't hear her we panic, hence we are not getting a good night sleep.
So we have made a decision to turn off the monitor while we are in bed, we will still be able to hear her if she cry's. We have a small house and her room is right next to us, sometimes its like living in stereo and you hear her through the wall and then through the monitor.

Our house is so small it doesn't have a landing up stairs just a La! You walk up the stairs and see 3 doors in front of you, baby's room, our room, bathroom!

Tonight is the night we are going to turn off the monitor and try to get a full nights sleep!! If baby can then we can, can't we?

NM x

Friday, 20 March 2009

Why I'm Looking Forward To This Years Mothers Day

You are probably thinking because it will be my first as a mummy and you will be half right. I will certainly be over the moon to celebrate the fact I'm a mum and role that I am loving!! However the main reason I am looking forward to it, is it will be the first year in 10 years that I don't want to spend the day in bed!

10 years ago my mother and her husband at the time (she's on number 4) walked out on me and siblings leaving us homeless. My mother decided that her marriage was more important to her then her children I have not seen or spoken to her since. Hence Mother's day has not been filled will joy for me, just a reminder that my Mother didn't love me enough to stay.

So this year I get to celebrate that I am a Mummy to my fantastic daughter and finally have a happy Mother's day.

Happy Mothers Day

NM x

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Apparently I Have Too Much Stuff!!!

According to OH family 8 years of mine and my sister's life which has been in storage is a lot of stuff!! (They should have seen what we threw away!!)

I shall start at the beginning, me and my younger sister moved in together 10 years ago (OMG 10yrs I've just scared myself) anyway I was 19 and she was 16 previously we had been homeless (even longer story I'll leave for another day). When we moved into our flat we had practically nothing, we bought everything second hand then spent the next 8 years replacing with new. My sister went off to uni and shared her time between student diggs and our flat, every year bringing more furniture etc home. When she graduated (Degree in stage management I'm very proud of her) she toured and had short term contracts, she eventually got a long term contract, met the love of her life and moved in with him leaving all her things at our flat.

Two years ago I moved in with my partner, as he had his own house and I rented my flat it made sense to move into his home and put my stuff in storage until we moved into a bigger house. Well cut to two years later we are still in the same house and my stuff is still in storage costing me a fortune every month. Now OH sister has moved into a two bedroom bungalow and has kindly let me store it all at hers, she is having some of it, my cooker, fridge freezer and sofa!!

When we moved it out last week end all his parents and sister keep saying to me is "haven't you got a lot of stuff", "didn't realise it was that much", that is until they start rummaging in the boxes which is really annoying me!! I have asked them not too as its not all mine and there is some personal things in the boxes diaries etc which I don't want them looking at. His aunt is even after my bed which took me a year to save up for (which we are keeping). Its just upsetting that 8 years of my life is described as a "lot of stuff". Some of that "stuff" took me years to save up for lI was studying and working at the same time) like my cooker and fridge freezer which she is having for free!! Now I just keep picturing them routing though my things and its upsetting.

I know I'm probably over reacting, but they just find it funny and I don't. I'm not planning on leaving there long, once I can go through it all I will decide what to keep and what to sell, which they will have first refusal on.

OK feeel better now

Sorry last two posts have been whiny I promise my next one won't be

NM x

Friday, 13 March 2009

If Only We Could Choose Our Neighbours!!!

I live in a small Cull De Sac type street, there are only six house, three of my neighbours are nightmares!!!!

Let start with my neighbours to the left of me. We used to have polish neighbours they were lovely, nice and quite, always said hello. If they had a party the music was turned off by eleven great neighbours. The new couple that have moved are so noisy!! They spent three months renovating the house, now let me explain about the houses we live. They are very small, the living rooms and kitchens are open planned!! Two bedrooms and a small bathroom with a shower (we have squeezed a bath in and I mean squeeze) These houses are also relatively new only about 20 yrs old, so how can it take three months??!!! They didn't even do it themselves they hired professionals. So all I heard for three months was bang, bang, bang, buzz buzz buzz. Not fun when your pregnant and trying to nap. Anyway so they finally finished and moved in, they are a very touchy feeling couple and its not a nice sight. Every time they leave the house together they have a snogging session first, we also seem to catch them its not pretty!! They also have a argument every Sunday night, I think they go to the pub for lunch have a few drinks and start a fight. They are so loud you can hear them over the TV!! BFB doesn't scream that loud! However they are not the worst neighbours!!

To my right is Batty lady, I'm sorry if that sounds nasty but she is!! I haven't got time to go through all the things she does, here are a few! She bangs and makes strange noises in the middle of the night! She's obsessed with rubbish, she has been seen on her bike at picking up rubbish off the streets at three in the morning. She puts out at least six bags of recycling each week!! she lives alone, she also puts it out really early which really p****s me off as it sits outside my window. This week she put it out Thursday it doesn't get collected until Tuesday!!! She had already put out six bags at the beginning of the week! This is the view from my window

Lovely isn't it!!! The worse bit is she steals our recycling then puts it out with her own!! She took all the large boxes we had when bought Megan's stuff put them outside her house then put them out with recycling!!

Lastly is the guy that lives next to batty lady, ponytail guy we call him. He doesn't recycle he burns it!! He is always having bonfires and does he tell us that he's going to burning things so we can get the washing in, close windows? No !!!

I can't wait until this recession is over and we can move, though knowing my luck we're get worse neighbours!!

OK rant over feel much better now, must go and do the housework!

NM x

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

But she's only 14 Weeks!!

BFB is teething, yes teething!!! She's only 14 weeks old! Not only that but she is also going through a growth spurt so she wants to eat more often its never ending. She's chewing her hands so much I'm worried that they will get sore, I keep giving her other things to chew but she goes back to her hands! She's also started to chat and gurgle more its so cute to listen to her babble away !!

The last few days have been long and busy, OH has been on late nights so I've had BFB all day and all night soo sleepy. I did manage to bake a cake yesterday, it was the first cake I have ever baked!!! I put too much Jam in the middle and it oozed out

Tasted good though!!
Today we went to B&Q to get a new kitchen sink and taps and they had everyone but the one we wanted so we came away with four new herbs, three pots and a Teddy Bear picture for BFB's bedroom!!!
We then took her to be weighed, she is now 16lbs 12.5 ozs!! She's but on 12.5 ozs in two weeks!! All together now Big Fat Baby!!!
Bargain of the week for me has been a free mascara from Rimmel http://bit.ly/8SxkG. Full size for nothing can't be bad!!! Looking for free stuff is my new hobby in the last two months I have got for free: 80 garden bulbs, teabags, coffee, seeds, heat pads and baby spoons!!
OK need to go and get dinner on and BFB fed and in bed.
NM x

Friday, 6 March 2009

My Baby Free Day

Yesterday was OH day off so I had a baby free day!!

This started with a nice lay in, when I got up BFB was fed, the housework was nearly done. OH then made me breakfast after which I had a bath. I then got to straighten my hair and put on some makeup bliss!! I looked like myself pre baby (apart from the mummy tummy)

Then it was time to leave the house (wasn't as easy as I thought, heart strings pulling). I walked in town which takes about 10 Min's and had a stroll around the shops looking at things for BFB!! I then went and joined the library were I proceeded to take out four books, all for BFB (can you see a pattern here) I lasted about an hour before ringing home to make sure everything was OK.

I went to my favourite cafe for lunch, its really cozy like an old fashioned tea room. I had a jacket potato, two lattes and a slice of homemade Victoria sponge (yum) I read a non-baby magazine and then I was bored. I finished off some jobs in town then went home (walking very quickly)

When I got home BFB gave me the biggest smile and giggle. Even though it was nice to have some me time It was even better to get back to my baby!!!

NM x

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

My Big Brave Girl!

Yesterday was jab day, when it comes to needles I am bit of a wimp. When it comes to needles and my daughter then I'm a wreck !! Thank god OH came with us.

Now BFB was in a very good mood yesterday which I think helped with the way she coped with the injection. She gave the nurse a huge smile and giggled (little did she know that she was going to stick two needles into her legs!!)

I was so proud BFB didn't even flinch when the first one went in and only gave a short scream when the second needle went in and that was it. My big brave girl!!!

She was really sleepy all day and a bit whiny but other then that we had a good day, a few naps here and there (me included). She is still a bit sleepy today but she was the same after her first jabs.

Just one lot left to go in four weeks time then I can take her swimming!! Just in time for our holiday I can't wait.

I may have a little look while I'm on line for a swimming costume for her (and maybe a new one for mummy)

NM x

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

10 Things I've Learnt About My Self Since Having My Baby

1. I'm not as lazy as I thought, I actually find jobs to do. Whats wrong with me???

2. I don't need a lot of sleep!!! I thought I needed at least 12 hours, surprise! I don't

3. I 'm houseproud, I mean really houseproud, who knew!

4. I hate daytime TV, I really really hate it! Probably why I'm now addicted to the Internet!

5. I don't look that bad without makeup on! Think of all that money I could have saved!

6. I'm frugal, I knew I liked a bargain but its now become an obsession!

7. I really like too be organised. I love routine, I'm not the fly by the seat of my pants girl I thought I was!

8. I'm a really bad singer, but my daughter loves it when I sing so I will continue!

9. I don't embarrass easily, so keep on screaming in pubic BFB you will not break me!!

10. I really want to write, I don't know if I'll be any good at it but I might just give it a try!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Yay for the baby bouncer!!

Bad blogger, bad blogger! I set up a blog post for a few days then nothing, what kind of blogger am I you? A busy one. So sorry I will make it up by writing an extra long one today!!

OK so my last blog was last Wednesday, well since then I've been a busy busy lady, there have been lunches, coffee mornings and a Ann Summers party!!! I'll go through it day by day!

Pretty bog standard day, got up fed baby, fed mummy while baby sleeps, housework, fed baby etc etc Decided to organise our bedroom not because I was bored but it really needed doing. I didn't realise how much makeup and beauty stuff I had, its quite scary to think how much I have spent over the years, I have makeup that is still in the packaging that I don't remember buying!! Hello Ebay, that's were its going! BFB decided that she didn't want to lie on the floor to play she wanted to be upright so I dug out her bouncy chair that was bought when she was born that previously she didn't like, now she loves it (she's asleep in it as I type) this is a great development it meant after I had finished in the bedroom( which is a two day job will finish another day) could have a bath without waiting for OH to get home, she was happy in her chair laughing at me in the bath. Yay for the baby bouncer!!! BFB found my tummy rather funny and every time see saw it in an unclothed state she laughed at me, so I reminded her the reason it was in that state was because of her, I swear it made her laugh harder!!

Was a bad day for my figure!!

First I met with my friend that I met in hospital, our girls were born within hours of each other and we both had a similar birth experience (3 days of being induced then a C-section) and our girls were a tag team at night, one would start screaming then the other would start it was all fun. So after two very large lattes and biscuits I popped into our local supermarket where OH happens to work, who I bumped into on his way to the pub for lunch!!! So of course he took me and BFB with him. So after a pub lunch I waddled home, we then proceeded to have sausage egg and chips for dinner!! Such a pig (but all very nice)

Another pub lunch! (next week all I'm eating is lettuce) My dad came to visit for the day so he took us to lunch. He had bought BFB some new clothes, including a rugby kit and a new book which she loves as it is soft with tags on it. We watch the rugby in the afternoon which I wish we hadn't not a good game for England. Then I had my first baby and OH free night day out!! I went to an Ann Summers party at my best friends. Has a fantastic time, lots of laughs, a little bit of alcohol. We convinced my best friend to model the outfits, mainly as she was the only one to fit in them, however we then proceeded to take pictures and put them on facebook. Someone had a Blackberry so could post them straight away (OK it was me) Very good night, didn't panic too much about being away from my baby

Relax!!!! very lazy day

I am now waiting for my sister to arrive, she's coming to visit for the day. We're going out for lunch (Lettuce eating starts tomorrow). Its amazing since BFB was born I have never seen my family so much!! Not that I'm complaining Its lovely to see them. Right must go BFB has woken up and there is housework to be done before my sister arrives.

NM x


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