Monday, 21 June 2010

Hello I'm Carol

The lovely Carly from Mummy's Shoes is putting together a meet and greet for Cybermummy, so we have an idea about who we are meeting.

Here is my bio 

Name:  Carol Smith
Main Blog:   New Mummy 
Twitter ID:  @Caroljs
Height:   5ft 3in

Hair:   Short/blonde
Eyes:   One brown and one green 
Likes:  Music, Gigs, Theatre, Blogging, Reading, Eating, Wine

I'm not adding a picture of me, instead here is the dress I'm going to be wearing, its my birthday present. 

 Can't wait to meet you 


  1. The dress is really lovely! I shall make sure I look for you... and the dress!

  2. Love the dress!!! Thanks for doing the meet and greet xx

  3. Blimey - is everyone wearing frocks? Yours is a lovely one btw. Cripes - better get shopping this weekend! Looking forward to meeting everyone - wardrobe permitting!

  4. Love the dress too - can't wait to meet you finally :)

  5. Can't wait to meet you all. x


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