Thursday, 17 June 2010

Guest Post - Mamma McCann

The finally guest post this week is from Mamma McCann, she needs some advice on returning to work.

Preparing To Return To Work
Many mummies these days have to face the stark reality of having to return to work. Whether full or part time the sudden realisation that you will be apart from your baby suddenly hits home. This has happened to me and has become increasingly distressing over the past few weeks.

Before Mini McCann arrived I'd seen a variety of nurseries and finally came across one that pulled at my gut instinct. A month before baby was born I had put down a deposit and started paying for the first month. That seems like a million years ago now. My return to work is looming and I am in a lucky position that I am having a phased return to work. Flexible working plans for parents are now becoming common place and I believe these can create a better and less stressful work/life balance. I start work again on the 1st August beginning with 2 days a week and planning to increase up until I reach a 9 day fortnight in October. I'll be able to leave early every Friday to pick her up, have some mummy/daughter time, then go and meet daddy from work. 

Financially I need to return to work and mentally I know it will be good for me to have some adult interaction that doesn't involve baby. Me and baby are pretty much one person at the moment. For Mini McCann a whole new world is looming and one which I know will be good for her development/social skills.

So why do I feel so torn? I would love to be a stay at home mum. Yes, sometimes it drives me crazy but other times like half an hour ago I want to stay and have cuddles while she is asleep in my arms, breastfeeding, enjoying providing her with warmth and food. The problem with this is will she expect cuddles to sleep at nursery, will she sleep without me (and the boob)? Will she interact well with other children? So many worries and positives all flow through my head at the same time

So no questions answered yet as to how I'll cope, hopefully I'll come blog again once I'm there but for now I am off to be Mummy McCann again...full of cuddles ready for my little redhead when she wakes up.

Thank you for that great post mama, I can't wait to read your follow up post. 



  1. I am a working mother of two boys, one aged 3 and 1. I am torn everyday I leave them and I miss them everyday so much but I know that being at work is the right thing for me to do. I appreciate them more when I do spend time with them, I enjoy the break and being able to have a drink without rushing and some lunch without sharing. But yes I miss them and worry about them so much when I am not there. It does get easier I can tell you that, I used to break my heart everyday but that passed especially after I learned they were fine without me, although they still missed me and were happy to see me come home. Good luck and she will be fine. Better than you will be but the break will do you good. xx

  2. blessyou - stop beating urself up! You clearly adore your baby and that love will eventually tell you what to do to suit both of you- but I can say I have worked full time, part time and been at home - but the most important thing to my children is knowing that they are loved by me every day and that they are allowed to have agr8 time without me!! I hope all goes well - but believe me that you working will not make a difference to her love for you as long as when your there you just love her- housewrok really can wait . take care xo

  3. As a mum and professional nanny, I can totally understand how you're feeling.

    Its such a hard thing to do, but just think of all the quality time you'll spend together when you're not at work, and how much more special it'll feel.

    I've also some practical advice on returning to work, regarding finding the right childcare if you're interested?

    Here is an article I wrote for parent dish.

    Best wishes,


  4. Great post - you're right about having to find the right childcare, for me, without that I don't have the confidence to focus on my job so its almost not worth working - its the real foundation

    Good luck with the return to work and remember the working mums mantra - can i live with this? washing, shopping, mess, yup you probably can!


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