Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Pancake Day Has Been Postponed!

So yesterday we postponed Pancake day! OH had to work late night and because of my lay in we didn't have time to make them, so tonight we are having them for pudding with Banana's and chocolate ice cream yum!

BFB decided last night she wanted her bottle early by screaming so loud I thought my ear drums would burst which is so unlike her, then she proceeded to fall asleep half way through her fed the little minx. Finally got her settled in bed at 8.30ish which is late for her. OH let her have a little lay in the day before as well, which seems like a good idea but not when you don't get to sit down till 9 at night and especially when he is at work and I'm on my own. Never mind we are back into our nice little routine today.

A lovely surprise dropped through the letter box this morning!! My dad has sent me the new Live album (Probably haven't heard of them US band very big is Europe) its them playing live in Amsterdam and has nearly all my favourite tracks so a very happy bunny today. I am listening to it as a type, BFB seems to like it too she smiled and giggled when it came on...or she could have been laughing at me dancing around the room! She loves it when I dance around to Girls Aloud and of course I only listen to them for her!

My body aches so much its unbeliveable, I think i need to go to the doctors. I'm having trouble sleeping at its driving me mad, BFB sleeps through the night why can't I??? I have nothing on my mind, nothing is worrying me I just can't sleep, which means I feel so tired through the day, my body hurts and I don't feel like doing anything. Underactive thyroids run in my family so I'm going to ask the doctor to test for it.

Ok off to attempt some housework

NM x

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I've had a busy little day today, but very nice. Started with a lay in as OH is on late night tonight so he got up with BFB. I came down at 9.30 she was fed, washing up was done, a load of washing was in the machine and then he made me breakfast!! Can't be bad! I then got to have a long soak in the bath.

Once he went to work me and BFB went into town, had to go to the post office then popped to the liberary to find out want I need to join. I know its terrible I haven't joined before, but to be honest I didn't realise we had one!! Anyway didn't have what I needed to join so will go back later this week.

We then had a walk around the market which took all of 5 Min's as we only have 20 stalls and to be honest they are pants!!

Next we went to baby clinic to get BFB weighed, she now weighs 16lbs!!!! Now you understand why we call her Big Fat Baby. Health visitor is really happy with her which is great. I did have a little concern, she is a very sicky baby and is sick all day. However the health visitor is not concerned as she is putting on weight really well.

Got my invitation today for baby massage classes, I'm really annoyed as we can not make them!! The first one is the day after her jabs and you shouldn't do any massage on them up to 48 hrs after!! Ruddy typical it always happens to me!

BFB has been trying to roll over all day its really cute, she is trying really hard, hopefully she will master it soon.

Right BFB is asleep I shall go and fold the washing!..or maybe a quick game of online scrabble!!

NM x

Monday, 23 February 2009

Mum bloggers club

A Proper Introduction !

After that very quick first blog I thought I had better give you a proper introduction.

As I have already told you my name is Carol and my daughter (BFB) is 12 weeks old. She is my one and only child and after the pregnancy and birth from hell (which is a story for another day) that is the way its going to stay!

Me and my other half (OH) have been together for just over two years, we got engaged last February and I fell pregnant in March and my baby girl was born in November 2008 on her due date, which was a good thing because I hate to be kept waiting. I do however love being a mummy, I keep looking at her amazed that she came from me!!

When we first brought her home I did think I would never cope! She wouldn't breastfeed (If one more person tells me breastfeeding is easy and everyone can do I will hit them) She didn't feed properly for the first three days and lost 10% of her body so the paediatrician put her on a feeding schedule and wouldn't let us take her home, it was at the point we decided to formula feed her which worked wonders and we got to take her home the next day. The chunky monkey at her last weigh in was 14lbs 13.5 Oz's!!

It was really hard work the first few weeks, she feed every three hours and I was recovering from a c-section all I can say is that I have the best partner ever who is so supportive and defiantly does his fair share.

So here we are 12 weeks on, BFB has been sleeping through the night for the last 4 weeks and is in a routine during day. The best bit is she has found the routine her self I haven't had to do much, I'm a very lucky mummy.

At them moment she has fallen asleep under her Jungle gym for the third time today! Must go she will be awake soon for her next feed .

NM x



My name is Carol and I'm a new mummy. My daughter is 12 weeks old and being a mummy is brand new to me.

My new obsessions since having her are her and the Internet!! I'm addicted the facebook and Twitter (where by the way you can follow me my username is Caroljs)

Everyone seems to have a blog these days so I've decided as I spend so much time on the net while my baby (affectionately known as big fat baby BFB in our house)is asleep I would take my turn at blogging, so you can join the exciting journey of motherhood.

Now I'm warning you this may being incredibly boring but hey I've always wanted to be a writer so this is my chance and if no one reads it never mind Its a good outlet for me, hopefully stop me going mad!

Well that's my first post, short I know but I'll be back with more!

NM x


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