Thursday, 30 September 2010

F*cked Off Thursday - Yet another way to make mothers feel guilty

I'm just warning you in advance this is going to be a full on rant and there may be swearing.

Today in the Guardian is this article called Bottle-Feeding Babies Can Lead To Adult Obesity, says Study, great another way to make Mother's you didn't breastfeed their children feel guilty.

I desperately tried to breastfeed BG, she would not breastfeed! And I mean would not, every time she put to me breast she screamed and screamed and screamed. Eventually after her losing 10% of her birth weight in 3 days I bottle feed her. I expressed constantly for two weeks then gave up and she stayed on formula. 

I am fucked off being made to feel like a huge failure that my child wasn't breastfeed. Constant reports telling us Breast Is Best and now we are going to make out children obese. I am well aware breast milk is one of the best ways to feed your baby, however it is not the only choice and mothers have the right to choice what is right for them without people judging and jumping on their backs. 

Its even worse when you have tried and failed for whatever reason and then people make you feel like you are the worse mother in the world. Why not try supporting us or asking why we aren't breastfeeding (in a non judgemental way )you may be surprised by the answers.

As for this report, BG knows when she is full, she doesn't over feed and never did. She is a healthy toddler, who enjoys a good range of food and does a lot if exercise, I am not concerned that she will be obese. 

And breath, rant over, as you where. 


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Feeling Blah

Today is a blah day, I woke up feeling really drained and tired even though I had a good nights sleep. I can never predict when I'm going to feel like this, that's the beauty of depression it just creeps up on you. 

I don't want to do anything. I feel like there is a huge weight pushing down on me and I'm so very tired. 

Normally I would just sleep it off or when I worked keep out of everyone's way but its really hard now BG is a toddler. When she was little I could have a PJ day and we could snuggle of the sofa and shut out the world, but now she wants to do things and be entertained and its a struggle when I feel like this.

Today I have managed to get me and BG dressed and she's having lunch as I type (I try not to blog when she's awake). I'm going to have to find something to entertain her with this afternoon, I really can't face leaving the house. There is only so much TV we can watch. I do miss her nap times, I could do with one myself.

I just need to get through today I shall be good , my blah days often only last a day. 

Sorry for the moan I just need to write about it 


Sunday, 26 September 2010

BG Goes On Holiday To Weymouth

Last week we went on holiday to Weymouth, thanks to the Suns £9.50 holidays it was a real bargain.

Now I could bore you with all the details but to be honest I can't be bothered so I thought I'd show you some pictures instead, so here are our holiday pictures.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Guest Post - Mamma McCann - Back To Work Update

I'm not really here this week, but the lovely Mamma McCann has written a guest post for me, its a follow up to her post back in June about her going back to work after maternity leave. 

I returned back to work at the beginning of August on a phased return basis of two or three days a week. So far we've had an accident at nursery (hot water scald), I've been off with suspected Mastitis and we're still sorting out tax credits in order to pay for Fizz's full time place in September.

I felt quite positive going back into work. I'm worried I seem a bit flaky having to run out if Fizz needs me, not quite knowing where I am in a job role that I was matched to in a restructure. I am hoping next month is easier, I'll be doing four days a week and this should give me time to prove I'm up to my job. 

I think I just need a confidence boost really. I've been mummy for nearly nine months, off work for eleven months.

I am contemplating dropping my hours to ensure our home life doesn't suffer and have started to use the new mummy 'live now, blog later' mantra so that Mamma McCann doesn’t become something affecting our home life. My time management skills need a complete overall.

Off course I miss Fizz too but on the other hand am pleased that she has picked up so much from being at nursery. She's less clingy, shares around other children (well almost) and her weaning has gone really well. 

My only problem is where do I fit now? Am I mummy to all at work? Am I Chelle to those who love me? Am I Mamma McCann? All my different hats need to meld together.

But all in all I am mummy to a gorgeous little girl and wife to a wonderful husband. I suppose I shouldn't be greedy and ask for more!

Chelle McCann

Monday, 20 September 2010

Music Monday - Live First, Blog Last

My new mantra is Live First, Blog Last so I'm taking my own advice and I'm on holiday. Twitter has been removed from my phone, I'm not taking my laptop with me so no blogging and no emails. I'm going cold turkey it may be tough but I can do it. 

I'm leaving you with song, I have chosen it for no other reason that I love it, its cheesy and from one of my favourite films Footloose.

Lets Hear It For The Boys by Deniece Williams 


Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Soundtrack To My Week - When Parent Bloggers Goes Wild or The MAD Awards

This wee has been a strange mix of highs, lows and lots and lots of fun. I decided in the last few weeks to try my hand at being a professional blogger and have been really fortunate to have had a few jobs already which has given me a real boost of confidence, as I'm sure people are out there going "who does she think she is".

Monday I went to Butlins in Bognor Regis to attend the MAD awards, I was short listed in the Best Baby Blog but unfortunately didn't win, the lovely Emily at Babyrambles did so a huge well done to her. 

I travelled up with Tim, Karin and Snafflesmummy and want to say a big thank to Karin and Snafflesmummy who drove me around and to Tim who let me sit in the front on the way home as I felt a little poorly, I *may* have had a little hangover.

The awards where amazing and I had a great time meeting the most wonderful bloggers and partying the night away. Poor Butlins didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they invited us. 

I can't remember all of what happened (they may have something to do with the two bottles of wine me and Sandy drunk together) so I thought I'd share some of my highlights and some pictures I found on my camera.

Best acceptance speech goes to Pippa " Unlike all the rest, I totally have a speech prepared"

Ben telling me the story of when he wet himself when he was 5 (sorry Ben didn't warn you it would end up in a blog post)

Emma walking around with lights down her top

Red Coat Gary, poor, poor boy

Jo making balloon animals and hats

Dancing in a bowling alley and convincing the DJ to play one more song 

Going back to Sandy's room to drink yet more wine, probably wasn't a good idea but was fun. 

The Disco Lift, though not fun with a hangover ( Go see this hilarious video at Pippa's) 

I want to say a big thank you to Sally for organising it. 

I leave you with.........

Congratulations by Cliff Richards 


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