Thursday, 10 June 2010

Writing Workshop - Time

I have attempted poetry again for Josie's Writing Workshop

I choose prompt 5 Time 

Time passes slowly,
It is fleeting,
It stands still,
It runs out.

Time passes to quickly,
It waits for no man,
It can’t be turned back,
It goes by.

We ask for less time,
We beg for more,
It never ends,
It stops still.

Time heals all wounds,
The hands of time wave goodbye,
Minutes, hours, seconds go by,
We watch it but never see it.

It speeds up, slows down and stops,
There is never enough of it,
Time is our friend,
Time is our enemy.

There will always be time,
Ours will run out,
Someone else’s will begin. 


  1. I'm always in awe of anyone that attempts poetry over prose, it's so incredibly difficult. I think you have captured all the different elements of time perfectly. Love the ending especially.

  2. This is a great poem. I attempted poetry this time too with this prompt but not sure about it. I love yours. x

  3. Fantastic poem, it really captures all the elements of time.

    I have also written a poem about time for the Writing Workshop. I would be grateful for any comments

  4. I love this. I love the last bit that says our time will run out, so true. Its peaceful and eeriy I think. Beautiful x

  5. Clever - using the word 'watch' in the fourth stanza!

  6. Really clever, great minds think alike and all that I went with a poem too, your is much better. x

  7. JulieB - Thank you, I don't why but I've been drawn to poetry more and more recently x

    SusanKMann - Thank you hun, you poem is great!

    SeaThreePeeO - Thank you very much, I've been over to yours and your poem is fantastic.

    Nickie @ Typcast - Thank you x

    The Dotterel - Why thank you Tim x

    Lorraine - Don't sell your self short I've read yours its really good x

  8. Lovely Carol! Well done! I like the way it ticks as you read it, almost :)

  9. Really interesting, made me think too. Time is so much to us and yet entirely man made.


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