Friday, 29 May 2009

This Weeks New

This week BG turned 6 months olds! I can't believe she's that old already, its gone by so quickly!!

When I think back to the day she was born and look at us now I've realised how far we have come!

BG has found her feet! and grabs them constantly. The other day she pulled off her sock and then tried to eat them it was so funny!

So also learned a new sound this week, its a wonderful growl!! She mainly chooses to do it when we are out which of course gets us lots of funny looks, which she loves!! She just turns on her big grin and charms them all.

BG also had her 3rd lot of jabs yesterday, which means she's a grump at the moment even a trip to the park couldn't cheer her up!

On that note must go BG is having a whinge!!

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

NM x

Thursday, 28 May 2009

F**ked Off Thursday!

Yesterday was wordless Wednesday well today is F***ked off Thursday!!!

I knew today wasn't going to be fun as BG was having her 3rd set of jabs, she's always grumpy after them so I was prepared, what I wasn't prepared for was my meeting at work!

A few weeks ago I wrote to work requesting that when I returned to work in July that I work part time hours. Ideally I wanted 3 days a week but was happy to work any day that they wanted. When they wrote back and offered me a meeting I thought fantastic they have agreed and this is just a formality, assuming if I could not do part time that they would just write and say so, how wrong I was!

Whats the saying never assume it makes an ass out of you and me!!

They had already decided that they we're going to turn down my request, they were armed with arguments and evidence to help back them up, Including a nice little tracker to show the work that needed to be done on a daily basis etc

Everything I offered to do to help they turned down including the offer to split my hours over 5 days!! (what I was trying to avoid) but no, they used words like "detrimental"! I Had no chance.
Why they couldn't put this in a letter instead of subjecting me to this I don't know, I even cried oh the shame!

So now I have to make the decision to either go back full (which I can't afford because of childcare costs, hence the part time request) or leave and find another job (great looking for a job when we're in a recession)

What really annoys me is that my role didn't exist until I join. I was hired to cover a managers maternity leave (who became my manager, who turned down my request) . The role to start with was very basic mainly just admin, working with one customer only. By the time I went on mat leave I had turned it into a permanent position, was working on all the accounts with all the customers and had built some great relationships with them. I also implemeted systems and checks that saved the company hundreds of thousands of pounds!! and they wouldn't even try to accommodate me.

There is no point in appealing the decison as they were well covered in their arguments and they conformed to the flexible working agreement!

Hey ho back to the drawing board looks like I'm job hunting!

If only I could find something to do from home

Right rant over, thank you for listening

NM x

Monday, 25 May 2009

An Award, Becoming An Ambassador and A Featured Blogger!!!

What a week!! While cleaning up snot and trying not to have a heart attack every time BG coughs and chokes a little I've been given a blog award, become a welcome ambassador and been made a featured blogger! How much more excitement can I take??

Let start with my lovely award from Amy at and 1 more means four

OK so this is what I have to do with the award

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2. Pass the award to 10 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So here are my 10 new blogs I've found:

Ramblings of a fab brunette

Mommy is rock n roll

I also have to list my top 5 pet hates

1 Lateness

2 Rudeness

3 Drivers that don't indicate

4 Cold Callers

5 Litter bugs

Next I along with some other lovely ladies have become welcome ambassadors for
My role is to say hello and help new parent bloggers with the site

And finally http Mum Bloggers Club has made me a featured blogger which is a great honor!!

Who knew that when I started my little blog that this would happen, I would have been happy if just one person read it! But I'm very very happy that not only do people read it but the like it enough to follow and give me awards.

So thank you very much for reading my blog and leaving me comments it really cheers me up when I see someone has taken the time to comment!

So on that final note before I go and wipe BG's nose again thank you again to everyone and enjoy the rest of the bank holiday

NM x

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Not What I Meant!

When I said in my last post I wonder what Baby Girls next first would be I didn't think it would be her first cold!!

Yes BG is bunged up and has a chesty cough!

Finally get rid of the runny bum and now I have snot and phlegm to deal with!

Oh well back to grumpy snotty baby, I maybe quite for the next few days

NM x

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

She Finally Did It!!

After weeks of teasing me, yesterday Baby Girl finally rolled over!!

She rolled on to her front then back again!

She's been lying on her side for weeks looking like she was going to roll on her front then she would just fall back on to her back.

I'm so very proud and excited, its another first which are just so precious.

All day to day she's just been rolling and rolling like she's been doing it for ages its so cute!

I wonder what he next first will be?

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Diet Starts Monday!!

No laughing, shaking your head!! I hear you going "yeah right" , trust me it does!

Not only have I got 2 1/2 stone of baby weight to lose , I was overweight before I fell pregnant.

However the main reason for the diet is that OH has been diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol!!

The nurses advice (after telling him its not diabetes that will kill its the heartattack !!) was to cut out carbs for a month!! So helpful

So after alot of research and advice we are starting the GL diet. Which is supposed to be good for controlling blood sugar!

So today I'm pigging out, finishing of the wine, because the diets starts tomorrow!

NM x

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

We Are Weaning (and making a mess)

After careful consideration, conversations with HV and other parents we decided that BG was ready for weaning. We started this process almost 4 weeks ago, when BG was 21 weeks!

Now I'm well aware that the government guidelines say not to wean until 6 months (26 weeks) but trust me my baby was ready for solids! She had been trying to eat anything in her sight for weeks (though some of that was down to her teething), she watched us intently as we ate, she started to demand her feeds earlier and earlier which including waking up early as well and at the time we started weaning she had double her birth weight! Also BG is a big baby she was born 9lbs 2ozs and has been drinking 4 260ml/9ozs bottles a day since she was 14 weeks, milk alone just wasn't cutting it anymore!

I looked at both baby lead weaning and the traditional spoon fed puree feeding and decided on the old method, one of the reasons being as BG was weaning a bit early she can not sit up by herself yet and I was worried about her choking!

So I went out and bought some weaning spoons etc and spent about 1/2 hr deciding what make of baby rice I was use and we were ready for her first fed!

I choose her second feed of the day to do it which is about 11.30 and we began. I gave some milk first so she wasn't hungry and grumpy, from the first moment that baby rice went in her mouth I knew I had made the right decision to wean!! She loved it, lapped it up

We both made a huge mess but I didn't mind. Her hands automatically went for the spoon and she helped me guide it into her mouth, then her fingers went in but hey she was enjoying it who am I to stop her !

Now I already knew that I wanted to make as much as her food as possible and so far apart from baby rice and porridge I have !!

So far baby has tried and liked baby rice, porridge, banana, carrot, parsnip (but only mixed with other foods), butternut squash and pear! This week we are also going to try potato. Next week is sweet potato, apple and peas!

I have a nice little stash of frozen puree's already and have started to mix flavours together!

The only problem with weaning is not the mess (I think I make more mess then BG) but the nappies, my god that are awful!! I keep hoping that she will save them until OH gets home but no she saves for me, I'm sure she does it on purpose!!

One of OH 12 aunts bought BG a high chair which she loves to sit it and this made feeding easier as I was using her bouncy chair which was killing my back

Apart from the bad bad nappies and the orange stained clothes (If anyone can tell me how to get it out) weaning is a success so far, BG definitely loves her food!

NM x

Sunday, 10 May 2009

I've Felt Like This Before.....

Baby and toddler group is supposed to be fun, so why do I feel like I’m back at school again!!

Me and BG went to baby and toddler group on Friday as usual, this group is quite new only been going a few months and I have been there from the very first day. Now even though its quite new cliques have formed quite quickly including the wannabe Yummy Mummy’s and I’m not one of them!

Anyway this week the group was taken over my Musical Mini’s I’m sure you can guess what’s involved. Me and BG had a great time, she really likes music and me singing so it was right up our alley. BG may be the youngest in the group but I’m sure she had the most fun!

Now these Wannabe Yummy Mummy’s are all designer gear and no substance, they obviously come to have a gossip and let the kids run around , which is fair play . Well they were not happy that they had to get involved , when we all sat around on the floor with our children ready for the first activity they all had faces like bulldogs licking piss off a thistle!! I however found this quite amusing!!

The problem I have with these women is that they are just not friendly, BG is the youngest there most of the time and the toddlers like to come and look at the baby which I don’t mind, their mum’s are normally right behind them to make sure they are not to rough. Now one of the reasons I don’t mind as it normally gives me a chance to chat to the other mums, these Wannabe’s don’t even smile back they just grab their kids and turn away!!! They are just so rude!! I am obviously not good enough to talk too or even warrant a smile. It just reminds me of being at school and not being one of the popular girls, I’m half expecting them to start pointing and laughing because I don’t have the right changing bag!

Seriously its like being a teenager again and god knows that wasn’t fun the first time round! I’m an intelligent woman, I have a degree for f***ks sake why do I let this get to me?? I think its because I thought as adults things would have changed and it wouldn’t matter what you wore or where you lived. That making friends would be easier but I was wrong!

I will however carry on going, I’m starting to make friends and BG seems to enjoy it and will carry on smiling and saying hello to the Wannabes because I’m a friendly person and I would hate them to feel the way I do.

NM x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My Poorly Baby

This week we have mainly been dealing with runny nappies and grumpy babies. Oh what fun we have had!! If you have a sensitive stomach you may not want to read on!

First of all I have an update on my cousin, she is fully awake now, talking, eating and has managed to walk. They found lots of bleeds on the brain so they are not sure what kind of damage she will have but the future looks bright and she's on her way to recovery!!

So back to my poorly sick baby. It all started last Tuesday, her first nappy of the was very runny but as we have just started weaning I thought it might be because she had parsnip the night before, she was in a good mood. So we got dressed and went to meet my Friend who I met in the maternity ward our girls were born within hrs of each other. Bad bad move!! from then on BG got grumpy and she filled more and more nappies so we went home and I gave her a bottle which she wasn't interested in, by now she had a temperature So I rang and got an appointment with the emergency doctor.

Now why do doctors make you feel like you're a neurotic mother when you take your children in. He did a few checks, looked in her ears and said she's got a virus I wouldn't worry she happy just give her half strength formula for a few days. Simple!! well not really I know I'm a first time mum but It's the first time I've taken her to the doctors (except for jabs etc) she had a temp I have a right to worry!!

As well as her virus BG is still teething so that really helped!! My happy, sleep through the night baby girl turned into a grumpy, I'm going to wake up every hr baby, Joy of Joys !!

BG was still sick over the bank holiday weekend, which made the second bank holiday we couldn't do anything due to illness! On the Sunday we popped over to the garden centre to get a few things, big big mistake. BG filled her nappy and leaked through all her clothes, I'd forgot to pack any clothes! Thankfully there was a sainbury's near by so we nipped bought some new clothes and cleaned her up!!

By the Monday BG was happier and her appetite was back but her nappies where still really runny, so we went to the walk in centre to see the doc.

Now this doctor told me that the virus had probably passed now but it leaves babies lactose intolerant for a while, something to do with the bowel not being able to break down the sugars and he said just to fed her as normal that 8 full nappies was nothing to worry about!!

Next I got the virus!! but thankfully Its passed quickly for me.

Last night BG slept through the night!!!! and today we have had solid nappies!! Yippee my baby is better!! Just need those bloody teeth to come through now! I have started using teething powders and they seem to be working, fingers crossed them toothies come through soon!

NM x


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