Thursday, 27 August 2009

9 Months Old

Today my Baby Girl is 9 months old!! I'm amazed by how much she has learnt in a month!

She's so quick at crawling now, she just whizzes past! I am very grateful we've got that baby gate or she's be in the oven half the time!

She is trying so hard to stand up by herself, she can pull herself up on the sofa, but is now trying to push herself up from the floor! She extends her arms and half stands, it looks like she's doing yoga! I am quite expecting to tell you next month she's walking.

BG has learnt to wave, its so damn cute! She waves to two hands and you have to wave back, then she claps. She also waves at the TV when music is being played so I think she'll start dancing soon! We start Musical Minis soon I thinks she's going to love it!

She has also started to share her food with me, she will suck her rice cake or bit of toast then when she has finished she will try to put it in my mouth! Mmmm soggy toast my favourite!

BG has learnt how to make a lot of noise with he toys, she has worked out if you bang them together they are loud and much more fun.

BG now knows that when you press the buttons on the remote control something happens to the TV! We have given her one of her own without batteries but she knows it doesn't do anything and wants the real one, she screams and has a tantrum if we take it away from her. I have to keep remembering to hide it!

The best thing she has started doing still has to be when she crawls over to me for a cuddle it makes my heart flip!

Now this month hasn't all be great, she is teething and its a nightmare. She's having a really bad time with them, and its really affecting her sleep. This morning she was up at 4.30, the night before she slept from 7.30 till 11.30 then didn't go back to sleep until 4.30 and woke up at 6. I spent most of yesterday in a daze.

We've tried everything, teething gel, teething powders, bickie pegs, calpol its just not helping, I really hope they pop soon and the pain eases up.

I'm having a baby free day today, BG is off with Nana which is great for me as she was in a right grump this morning! What have I done with my time? Well I've done the housework, three loads of washing and coloured my hair. Oh the glamour!

Its been nice to be able to do things without trying to keep a baby occupied, but I do quite miss her now!!

Right off to make the most of my last hour of freedom!


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

No Fear

My Daughter has no fear what's so ever!! and since learning to crawl will try to climb, throw her self off, grab anything! Its giving me a mini breakdown!

She's forever bumping her head or hurting something, but she doesn't care, has a quick cry, a hug from mummy and she's back trying to climb the patio door!

Yesterday she climbed out of her cot! Yes my nearly 9 month old baby climbed out of her cot. I heard a big thump then the biggest scream, but after a kiss and a cuddle she was ready to jump of my lap and try her luck with the outside of the cot!

We have now dropped the base to the very lowest it will go and keep our fingers crossed she can't get out now! Didn't stop her trying last night the little minx! But I was prepared for her, I laid pillows and our spare duvet on the floor so if she had managed it at least she's had a soft landing!

Must dash she's trying to climb up her highchair now!


Sunday, 23 August 2009

My Response

Today on the Independent online was an article on Mummy bloggers titled "Is it a diary? Is it an ad? No its a mummy blog" (you can find the whole article here)

The more the times I read it the more I actually became quite angry with the piece, now I don't usually rant about things written in papers etc but today I thought I would!

Now I'm no expert in writing, I'm not a journalist or a writer my background is commercial and HR, so I kinda write how I speak, so please excuse me

Firstly I didn't start writing my blog because I was a "lonely" mum, I was a bored mum its very different! I didn't get into to blogging to do reviews, get in top 100's or make a difference. I didn't realise how big mummy blogging was when I started 6 months ago, I was jumping on bandwagon, I thought it would be fun and it is, most of the time

Do I get pitched products? Yes but I believe its because I do reviews plus I have my email on my blog, you can't blame them for trying or assuming that I will be interested. Do you find the same reviews on loads of blogs? Well yes and no, you don find that a group of Mummy Bloggers will do reviews on the same products, are the reviews all the same? No, everyone writes their own opinion of the product, I personally find the different views interesting. Are they perfectly written reviews? No, most of us are not trained writers or journalists, you not going to find that on my blog!!

Also as with any new product, service launch you will find lots of different reviews/articles on it. For example the Arctic Monkeys are releasing a new album, how do I know, well its every where, today I found a review in the Mail on Sunday 2 page 13, a mention in the News of the World magazine page 1 and a review on the Independent online here but that's OK!

I understand that some don't want to read reviews, that's one of the reasons I started my new blog, I don't want to stop doing reviews, yes I'm a swag hag and proud of it!! I don't review anything that I wouldn't buy myself, I'm a 100% honest and really really enjoy it

As for the Top 100, am I proud that I'm there? Hell yes, I'm sorry if someone puts you in a Top 100, (as long as worse is not in the tittle) you going to be proud and you want to stay there. Do I get frantic about it? About 3 days a month then I get on with bringing up my daughter!

I just feel the article was a little unfair and hashed together.

I'm glad that more and more mummies are blogging gives me something interesting to read!!


(Just realised I asked a lot of questions)

Friday, 21 August 2009

Gated Community

We have become a gated community in our house, safety gate that is!

BG is a fully fledged crawler now and is speedy quick at getting around, she also has learnt to pull herself up on things, like the sofa, coffee table etc

Because of this we've had to move everything and put cushions all around the living room to stop her banging her head! My living room looks like a den!

Now as our living room and kitchen is open planned we've bought a stair gate to stop her going into the kitchen as she is obsessed with the cooker!! (she's trying to send me to an early grave!)

We now have a gate between the kitchen and living room, which she had learnt to climb *sigh*, I'm just grateful she wears a nappy as she'd have a very sore bum from falling on it!

The greatest thing about her crawling is that she now crawls to me, climbs up my legs, puts her arms up from a hug, has a hug, then shuffles off me and back on to the floor to play!! Its so damn cute

I also need to tell you about BG's great sense of timing this week.

BG was laughing away to her self, when I asked her what she was laughing at, she started chanting da, da, da, da,da!! Good girl BG !

Have a good weekend


Monday, 17 August 2009

My Passion

Tomorrow night I get to indulge in one of my biggest passions, live music!

I'm off to see Pearl Jam at the o2 with OH and my dad!

OK so you probably think I'm a bit sad going with my dad, but that's who I get my passion from.

My dad loves music especially rock and metal and he introduced me and my sister to a whole range of music and other arts at an early age.

I went to my first concert at 11, we went to see Kylie Minogue. Me and my sister actually wanted to see Jason Donovan but my dad was having none of it!! I remember getting completely lost in the music, we kept getting told off for dancing in the aisles but we didn't care.

Ever since then I've been hooked on going to see gigs, I've seen so many bands/artists that its More a case how haven't I seen then who I have.

I love getting lost in the music, may favourite venues are the small ones where you can feel the music pulsing, its the best feeling ever.

BG already loves music and she should do, she went to many concerts and festivals last year when I was pregnant and would bounce around inside to music! She loves a bit of rock!

I really enjoy going to gigs with my dad, we have the same tastes in music (most of the time), he's the one that actually introduces me to new bands. But he doesn't just take me and my sister to gigs, he's taken us to musicals, plays, the ballet, museums, art galleries and rugby matches.

We have been really lucky to have been exposed to these great opportunities. My sister loved the theatre so much that that is were she works now as a Deputy Stage Manager and me? I get to pass on my love for these to my daughter! I was definitely born to appreciate

Though if someone wants to pay me to listen to music, give me a shout !

NM x

Friday, 14 August 2009

The Sneaky Switcharoo

In the last 3 weeks my happy to eat anything baby has turned into a right fussy madam.

One minute she loves something, two days later she doesn't like it! Its making feeding times a right nightmare and with her not drinking a lot of milk it worries me slightly

Now its not all food she's gone off, fruit and yogurt she will lap up, so its not that she isn't hungry its just she doesn't want to eat the savoury food!

Me and OH have devised a sneaky way of getting her to eat the savoury dinners, we call it the sneaky switcharoo!!

Basically we try her with dinner if she won't eat it we start feeding her the sweet pudding the sneak a spoon of savoury in before she realises!! and it works, sometime you can get 3 spoonfuls in before she realises its not fruit or yogurt!!

We also coat her porridge in yogurt to get her to eat when she decides she doesn't want it! We put some porridge (which already has fruit in it!) on the spoon then dip in the yogurt so she doesn't realise its porridge!!

Sneaky? Yes, Works? Yes!

Hey we already know I'm an evil mummy!!

If you have any other advice to help with a fussy baby please let me know!


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wordless Wednesday

My favourite pictures of BG taken in the last week

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

EA Sports Active 30 day Challenge - Day 10

Well its day 10 of the 30 day challenge and to say its not going well is an understatement! (To the very nice lady who sent this to me, sorry I'm being a pants reviewer!!)

Now its the not the exercise program that is the problem its me and OH. We did day 1 fine, then got lazy by day 2 (terrible I know) Day 3 was a rest day (The programme schedules rest days) and now I have hurt my back as you know!

I am in a lot of pain and I'm really annoyed that the challenge is on hold as It looked really good and could see it working for us. I'm off to the osteopath tomorrow so hopefully he will sort it out for me and I can get back on track.

Before I start it again I do need to get a sports bra, you full on run so I need the support!

Hopefully my day 20 update will be much more exciting for you!

OK hobbling off to get more painkillers


Sunday, 9 August 2009

What A Week!

This week has definitely been a mixed week! Of course the most important thing that has happened this week is BG's crawling, since Tuesday she has picked up speed and is everywhere!

Unfortunalty all the chasing around and picking up my chunky monkey has meant I've out my back out!!

I'm in quite a lot of pain and the tablet given me by the doctors are not working so it looks like an expensive trip to the osteopath!

As I was in a lot of pain OH parents took BG out for the day yesterday, it was her first outing with them. It was also the first time had been at home for a long period of time without her, it was sooo weird, I keep thinking she was up stairs asleep!

It took a while to relax but it was really nice just to rest and read a book. After a couple of hours I really began to miss her and every time a heard a car outside I thought it was them! BG was a good girl and only screamed at them once!!

Hopefully they will take her out a bit more often, so me and OH can have a little break.

(Warning horn tooting and self promo coming up!!)

On Monday I launched my new blog called New Mummy's Tips !! It a tips, offers, discount, review, etc etc type blog. I found I was getting offered a lot of reviews but was concerned that loads of reviews on this blog would take away from this is really about ....ME!! Only joking its of course about me and BG! So pop over and have a look

The Great Toy Guide blog also launched on Monday, this blog features and advice on toys, activities and accessories for children aged 0 -8 years old. The review are done by a team of parent loggers which I am a part of of. Now I am just in the processes of testing my toys but there are some great reviews on there already so pop over have a good look.

This week I also joined the Mum's Test Panel over at the Living with Kids blog which is part of Kidstart

I also made it into Parentdish UK Mummy Bloggers Friday roundup

And last but not least the August Top 100 British Parent Blogs was annouched over at Who's The Mummy and New Mummy is now at 47! so I've moved up 24 places (Toot toot)

So in terms of blogging and BG's development its been a good week!

In terms of my back and finding a job its been a bad week!

Never mind it all starts again tomorrow!


PS I have about 4 memes to pass on, which I will do next week so watch out!!

PPS Check out the latest British Mummy Bloggers Carnival the link is in my side bar

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

8 Months Old

I know I say this every month but I can't believe how quickly BG is growing up and changing!!

She is now 8 months old and what a difference a month makes! BG can now sit up quite straight on her own and play with her toys, her favourite being her stacking blocks!

Just after I posted her 7Th month update she started crawling backwards, well she can now crawl forwards and is getting pretty good at it, she can go about 5 paces before she flops on her belly, rolls around then crawls again!!

We are now in the process of removing everything that she can grab, pull or drag. Her favorite place in under the coffee table, I have no idea why!

She's babbling more and more, and has started to sing! She actually goes la la la its so funny! She will also clap along with me which it fab, so we sing and clap!

BG's new trick is to wriggle and roll while I change her nappy oh what fun we have (she says in a sarcastic tone!), BG thinks its hilarious!

We went had her weighed today she is now 22lbs 5ozs!! and sitting quite nicely on the 98Th centile. I spoke to the health visitor about her lack of milk but she was happy with what I was doing so I feel much better about it!

I wonder what the next month will bring!


Monday, 3 August 2009

New Blog!!

I have a new blog!! Its called New Mummy's Tips, please have a look!

NM x

Sunday, 2 August 2009

What Have I Started???

Today me and OH started our 30 day EA Sports Challenge on the Wii!!

OMG!! I'm soo going to hurt tomorrow!

It is a proper full on workout!

I have a personal trainer (I choose the man!!), you set up all your details age, weight, height etc and it tailors the workout for you.

It works out how many calories you've work off!!! Though it doesn't tell you how many chocolate bars that equates to!

This is part of a review, though I'm not going to bore you everyday with this (my general life does that!!) I will give you an update at day 10, 20 and 30, that is if we last that long!

Right off to finish setting up my new blog, it launches Monday!!

NM x


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