Friday, 25 June 2010

Birthday Surprises, Germany, The V&A, Jamie Oliver and Bon Jovi

That was my week last week, no wonder I feel like crap this week! I’m not used to all this running around.

So last Saturday (the 12th) I turned 30 and OH surprised me with train tickets to London. And when I say train tickets that is about as far as he had thought (no typical man jokes please). So after a quick look on the internet and a run around to pack a bag for BG we were off. We decided to go to the Natural History Museum as BG had been to the Science Museum a few weeks before. BG loved the Dinosaurs, she now has a soft one that she growls at, that the sound she thinks it makes!!

To be honest after the Dinosaurs BG got a bit bored, at 18 months she’s probably a bit to young to appropriate it so we took her over the Science Museum as we know she loves the Garden there (children’s play area in the basement) and of course the trains and cars. Time seems to pass so quickly in London and it wasn’t long before we were on the train home.


Do you want to know how I spent the night of my birthday? It was really exciting; we watched the football, ate Chinese and drank champagne. OK not that exciting but nice all the same.

On the Sunday we had a small BBQ for friends and family and my youngest sister surprised me with a visit from her, her OH and my niece. It was by far my favourite present! It was the first time she had been to my house so it was lovely, and all three sisters where together, all that was missing was our brother. It was a lovely day, a great way to spend my birthday. My 
younger sister even baked cupcakes for me!!

Tuesday I flew to Germany for a PR trip, I will give you all the details on that soon on New Mummy’s Tips.

On Thursday we were back down to London, me and OH spent the day with my sister V at the V&A. I wanted to see the Grace Kelly exhibition but they had sold out of tickets for the day, (note to self pre-book exhibitions at the V&A). However that didn’t stop us having a good time walking around and spending money!! I bought this book....

And this great bit of material that I’m turning into a scarf.

We had a hotel booked for the night as we were off to Bon Jovi at the o2 that night, you can see my full review of the gig on my new (yes another!!) blog For Those About To Rock. We meet my dad and my sisters OH at the hotel, then went for dinner at Jamie Oliver’s Italian at Canary wharf.

I would like to say it was the best meal of my life but I would be lying, it was all just a little bit disappointing. The food was fine, I had Meatballs which where lovely and a to die for brownie for dessert but the whole experience was a bit lacking. When we arrived it wasn’t very busy, we were sat at the back by the window (I assume to make the place look busy from the outside), we were right by the disabled toilet, staff point and office. You can’t book if there is less than 8 people so we didn’t have a table reserved. The music was horrendous, really bad 70’s and 80’s music, I do not want to listen to the YMCA when I’m eating my dinner, it was also quite loud. I had such high hopes for our meal and it just didn’t live up to it.

Bon Jovi was awesome and we had a really good night. It was nice to get back to BG who I hadn’t seen since Tuesday; I really, really missed her!

This week by comparison as been quite and for that I am truly grateful. Though I am off to London tomorrow, but I’m going to be thoroughly pampered!!



  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday - cupcakes and Bon Jovi , what more could a girl ask for! :) xx

  2. So pleased you had such a lovely week - shame about the restaurant but I hope it didn't spoil your celebrations xxx

  3. I love the fabric. It is a real shame about JO restaurant, perhaps you should write to him. It is disapointing when you expect better

  4. What a fab birthday week you had x x Hope you're recovered now ;-)

  5. Emma - It was all goo!

    Liz - No it didn't it was lovely to see my family

    TheMadHouse - Fabric is fab x

    Magic Mummy - Thank you x


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