Monday, 21 June 2010

When The Darkness Comes

I'm cheating slightly this week with my Writing Workshop post as its a poem I've already written, but I would like to share.

I choose prompt 2. What does depression feel like to you? This is what it feel like to me 

When the Darkness comes I can't breathe,
My head pounds and my mouth goes dry.

When the Darkness comes I just want to hide,
Loneliness is my friend.

When the Darkness comes I cry and cry,
I don't always know why.

When the Darkness comes I am scared,
Panic rises inside me.

When the Darkness comes I am paralysed,
I wish I could run away.

When the Darkness is gone I am free,
Until the next time it appears.


  1. Excellent description of it, you hit the nail on the head

  2. I know it well and I hate how helpless it makes me feel. You've caught it perfectly.
    (And reminded me that I may have forgotten my meds yesterday and I definitely did today)

  3. bless you sweetheart - I remember those feelings so well - take care x

  4. Great poem, but when it comes I just want to run and run and run

  5. Best description Ive seen so far. Well done you.xxxx

  6. Livi - Thank you x

    Glowstars - go and take them hun x

    Singlemamasrock - thank you x

    TheMadHouse - me to!

    Julesey10 - Thank you hun x

  7. Super post. Short, concise & describes exactly how it feels!

    I suffer with anxiety which can be completely debilitating at times. I hope to start an occasional series on my blog What Will Julia Do Next? about depression / anxiety & its effects on sufferers & those supporting. If you would like to contribute in any way please leave a comment here & I’ll get in touch

  8. URL for my blog (not sure why it didn't show it!) is

  9. Apologies for 'practicing how to leave the link -

  10. Good poem - short and to the point!! Powerful impact.

  11. Very good poem - exactly how it feels. There's so many of us suffering from it. It's sad.

  12. This is excellent, well done. This is what I tried to say over on mine but you potrayed it exactly right. Your poetry is getting better and better. xx

  13. Thank you everyone for your kind comments x x

  14. That is it. it is darkness. Hugs to you lovely. I hate that blumming darkness. Wish you could buy torches for it. x

  15. Looks like I missed this one, just as you missed mine sweetie, and I'm sorry I did. Such a powerful poem that describes how I feel when I'm depressed perfectly xxx


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