Sunday, 28 February 2010

Race For Life

Yesterday I found my self doing something that I never thought I would do, I signed up for a 5k Race For Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Now its not because I don't do anything for charity that this was a shock, it more the fact that for most people that know me, know that I'm not really one for any type of exercise. I won't be running, there is no way I would be fit enough in time to do it but I will be walking it and BG will be joining me.

I can't take credit for deciding to do this, it was my best friends idea, her and her sister and their daughters will be walking in memory of their father, they ask me to join them and I agreed. One of my sisters wants to do it as well so it will be a family affair.

So on the 29th June 2010 we will be walking 5k in the Peterborough Race For Life, me and my sister are walking in memory of our Grandad who passed away 13 years ago this month.

This is the part when I for your help, I have a sponsorship page where you can, if you like sponsor me. I know times are tough so any small amount will be gratefully received, my target is £300.

Now I'm going to get really cheeky, if you feel like tweeting this, or even writing a post on this that would be fantastic. You can also add a widget to your blog or share on facebook, click here for more information on how to do that.

I would like to say a big thank you in advance for anything that you do to help me with this.

I will be setting up a Race For Life page, which I will update with how I'm doing on targets and to say thank to everyone that helps.

Thank you again


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

1 Year Blogversary

It’s all Stephen Fry’s fault that I started blogging!

It started with twitter, In February of last year I was watching Friday Night with Jonathon Ross, where they was talking about twitter and I liked the idea of being able to stalk celebs in the comfort of my living room! I started to follow some celebs then some real people, I was then tweeted by Mums Blogger Club to join them, I went to sign up but you needed to have a blog so I started one, 12 months later I have 3 blogs (New Mummy, New Mummy’s Tips & Make it, Bake it) , write reviews for 2 other blogs (The Mum Test & The Great Toy Guide) and write a weekly blog for Mumstop. I’m a member of British Mummy Bloggers; I’m currently number 37 in the top 100 UK Parent Blogger

I wrote my first two posts Hello and A Proper Introduction, within 30 minutes of each other as I was so excited about blogging.

The 1st two people to comment on my posts were the lovely Jan Mary at Welcome to My World and the fantastic Jo Beaufoix Thank you ladies for the comments and support

I know I thanked everyone last month, but I forgot to thank the most important person....BG!!

Thank you Baby Girl for the great source of inspiration you give me and this new life that I now live x


Monday, 22 February 2010

The Secret Post Club

The lovely Heather at Notes From Lapland has started a Secret Post Club and last week I was sent my first parcel.

It was so exciting, a what looked like a boring brown envelope arrived but what was inside was super special.

The sender has sent me a lovely card with a great message inside and a beautifully wrapped present

Inside was a great plaque about hugs which is now hanging in my kitchen (my camera is playing up so couldn’t get a pic) and a fabulous necklace with a Buddha!

So thank you to the wonderful Hayley at Single Motherhood Challenges, not only did I get a great gift through the post I have found another great blog to read.


Friday, 12 February 2010

Romance - Its the little things that count

As its Valentine’s Day this Sunday I thought I’d write about what romance means to me.

Me and OH have decided this year not to do presents to save money and just give cards, we won’t be going out for dinner, we’ll have a quite one at home but that doesn’t bother me, it’s not the grand gestures one day a year that I like, it’s the little ones throughout the year that is romantic to me and OH is good at them.

Last year OH bought me a book for Valentines, not a romantic book or love poems, but it was a book that I wanted. That may not sound romantic to you but OH made sure I had some baby free time to read it

When he runs me a bath he always fills it with bubbles and lights candles.

He makes me hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows

He rings me when he has finished work to see if we need anything (he works for a supermarket), he can tell if I’ve had a bad day and brings me home something to cheer me up, normally my favourite chocolate.

He downloaded the Glee soundtrack for me.

On Tuesday he bought me home some chocolate Hot Cross Buns, he knows I don’t like the normal ones and thought I would like these. (I did by the way)

He buys me the latest copy of my favourite magazine as soon as it comes out, I don’t have to ask.

When I was pregnant he would massage my swollen legs and feet with cooling gel.

He brings me cups of coffee in bed and cooks a great breakfast on a Sunday.

He kisses me when he leaves and kisses me when he comes home.

My other half may not be good at the big grand gestures (He asked to me move in with him by saying “Think of the money you’d save if we moved in together”) , we don’t say “ I Love You” everyday but he is great at the little things and I’ll take that over a big bunch of roses and a dodgy teddy any day.


Monday, 8 February 2010

How To Make Friends BG Style

After our grumpy session at toddler group last week, BG took it upon her self this morning to try harder to make friends!

The cheeky grin didn't quite cut it last week with the mums

I know I'm biased but how can you resist that smile?

BG plan of action was the isolate one mum and work on her. She hit her with a the smile first, which recieved a small smile back.

Then after deciding that trucks where her toys of choice for the day, showed the truck to the mum and demostrated how it work. This worked well the mums was talking and playing with the mum and her son.

BG then offered to share her biscuit and drink with her, she doesn't share with mummy!

She then went in for the kill and put her hands up for a cuddle (only sligthly concerned she want to cuddle strangers!)

This won the mum over and they became fast friends and mummy had someone to chat to....thank you BG

Now we need to work on the other mums and BG needs to start playing with the other children.


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Feeling Old

This year I turn 30, and it scares the living day lights out of me. I know it’s not “old” but it’s making me feel old

A few weeks ago and went out and got my haircut. It was getting really long and frizzy and was driving me insane, so I left BG with daddy and went and it chopped short. I came away feeling great about myself, thinking I had had a really cool shortish cut. That was until I went to Musical Mini’s the next day and realised that I had the same cut as half of the other mothers, who were a good 5-8 years older than me, that made me feel old.

Last week OH bought me some new trousers, I’m in a horrible in between sizes stage, nothing fits me and it was getting me down. I choose a pair of brown cords (I have never worn cords before), which I thought would look great with my brown suede trainers; I just look dumpy, dowdy and old.

Me and OH had a BG free night thanks to my best friend, we went to the pictures and then for dinner. Long gone are the nights of drinking and dancing!

8 months after I gave birth to BG my sister who is 10 years younger than me had her first baby that made me feel old.

I’ve started to complain that certain types of music is just noise, I’m starting to sound like my father. That makes me feel old.

You’re only as old and the man you feel they say; he’s 5 years older than me!

I just have to face it I’m getting older; I now need to decide whether I’m going to do it gracefully or disgracefully


This was writen for the Writing Workshop held at Sleep Is For The Weak. I choose Prompt 1 What’s made you feel a little old lately?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Grumpy Mum's

I know Monday mornings are not most people’s favourite time of the week and today was cold and dull but that is a poor excuse for the amount of grumpy, miserable faces I saw at baby and toddler group this morning.

My friend invited me along to a local group last week, I’ve been trying to get out of the house more with BG during g the week so this was perfect as it s not very far from us. So I meet her and her daughter this morning and we walked to the group, as we walked she told me the group really isn’t that friendly. Now I’ve had my share of unfriendly mums though generally I have been fortunate to go to groups that are really nice, I don’t expect them to spend all the session talking to me but a smile and a hello is always welcome.

Nothing could prepare me for the sea of grumpy mums I saw today; it was a room full of slapped arses! They are not forced to go there, most of them where sat with other mums chatting away so why so glum? The group is held in a huge church hall, it reminded me of a school hall with a big stage at one end. There were loads of toys, art and craft tables and a really nice area for babies plus all the tea and coffee you could drink for a £1, what’s not to like?

They really were so grumpy, hardly anyone smiled or made eye contact, even when BG smiled at them (and that cheeky grin is hard to resist) they didn’t smile back.

At the end of the session they clear away and have a sing song, well you’d thought they had been asked to drink their own pee! They stood in the circle but hardly any of them sang or encouraged their children to join in. And don’t get me started on the mums that just plan ignored their children

The only good to come out of the group was BG had a great time, she ran around playing and dancing. It’s the first time she’s really had the confidence to leave my side when we go anywhere and just for that we will go again (and the copious amounts of coffee I can consume in an hour and a half!)

Hopefully next week they will be a bit happier.



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