Monday, 2 March 2009

Yay for the baby bouncer!!

Bad blogger, bad blogger! I set up a blog post for a few days then nothing, what kind of blogger am I you? A busy one. So sorry I will make it up by writing an extra long one today!!

OK so my last blog was last Wednesday, well since then I've been a busy busy lady, there have been lunches, coffee mornings and a Ann Summers party!!! I'll go through it day by day!

Pretty bog standard day, got up fed baby, fed mummy while baby sleeps, housework, fed baby etc etc Decided to organise our bedroom not because I was bored but it really needed doing. I didn't realise how much makeup and beauty stuff I had, its quite scary to think how much I have spent over the years, I have makeup that is still in the packaging that I don't remember buying!! Hello Ebay, that's were its going! BFB decided that she didn't want to lie on the floor to play she wanted to be upright so I dug out her bouncy chair that was bought when she was born that previously she didn't like, now she loves it (she's asleep in it as I type) this is a great development it meant after I had finished in the bedroom( which is a two day job will finish another day) could have a bath without waiting for OH to get home, she was happy in her chair laughing at me in the bath. Yay for the baby bouncer!!! BFB found my tummy rather funny and every time see saw it in an unclothed state she laughed at me, so I reminded her the reason it was in that state was because of her, I swear it made her laugh harder!!

Was a bad day for my figure!!

First I met with my friend that I met in hospital, our girls were born within hours of each other and we both had a similar birth experience (3 days of being induced then a C-section) and our girls were a tag team at night, one would start screaming then the other would start it was all fun. So after two very large lattes and biscuits I popped into our local supermarket where OH happens to work, who I bumped into on his way to the pub for lunch!!! So of course he took me and BFB with him. So after a pub lunch I waddled home, we then proceeded to have sausage egg and chips for dinner!! Such a pig (but all very nice)

Another pub lunch! (next week all I'm eating is lettuce) My dad came to visit for the day so he took us to lunch. He had bought BFB some new clothes, including a rugby kit and a new book which she loves as it is soft with tags on it. We watch the rugby in the afternoon which I wish we hadn't not a good game for England. Then I had my first baby and OH free night day out!! I went to an Ann Summers party at my best friends. Has a fantastic time, lots of laughs, a little bit of alcohol. We convinced my best friend to model the outfits, mainly as she was the only one to fit in them, however we then proceeded to take pictures and put them on facebook. Someone had a Blackberry so could post them straight away (OK it was me) Very good night, didn't panic too much about being away from my baby

Relax!!!! very lazy day

I am now waiting for my sister to arrive, she's coming to visit for the day. We're going out for lunch (Lettuce eating starts tomorrow). Its amazing since BFB was born I have never seen my family so much!! Not that I'm complaining Its lovely to see them. Right must go BFB has woken up and there is housework to be done before my sister arrives.

NM x


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