Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Apparently I Have Too Much Stuff!!!

According to OH family 8 years of mine and my sister's life which has been in storage is a lot of stuff!! (They should have seen what we threw away!!)

I shall start at the beginning, me and my younger sister moved in together 10 years ago (OMG 10yrs I've just scared myself) anyway I was 19 and she was 16 previously we had been homeless (even longer story I'll leave for another day). When we moved into our flat we had practically nothing, we bought everything second hand then spent the next 8 years replacing with new. My sister went off to uni and shared her time between student diggs and our flat, every year bringing more furniture etc home. When she graduated (Degree in stage management I'm very proud of her) she toured and had short term contracts, she eventually got a long term contract, met the love of her life and moved in with him leaving all her things at our flat.

Two years ago I moved in with my partner, as he had his own house and I rented my flat it made sense to move into his home and put my stuff in storage until we moved into a bigger house. Well cut to two years later we are still in the same house and my stuff is still in storage costing me a fortune every month. Now OH sister has moved into a two bedroom bungalow and has kindly let me store it all at hers, she is having some of it, my cooker, fridge freezer and sofa!!

When we moved it out last week end all his parents and sister keep saying to me is "haven't you got a lot of stuff", "didn't realise it was that much", that is until they start rummaging in the boxes which is really annoying me!! I have asked them not too as its not all mine and there is some personal things in the boxes diaries etc which I don't want them looking at. His aunt is even after my bed which took me a year to save up for (which we are keeping). Its just upsetting that 8 years of my life is described as a "lot of stuff". Some of that "stuff" took me years to save up for lI was studying and working at the same time) like my cooker and fridge freezer which she is having for free!! Now I just keep picturing them routing though my things and its upsetting.

I know I'm probably over reacting, but they just find it funny and I don't. I'm not planning on leaving there long, once I can go through it all I will decide what to keep and what to sell, which they will have first refusal on.

OK feeel better now

Sorry last two posts have been whiny I promise my next one won't be

NM x

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  1. It is annoying when this happens, the best thing is to try and sort through it as soon as possible and then you can just forget them. I always find that if your OH family do anything for you, you never hear the end of it and there is always negative comments made, whereas you do something for them, god forbid you should make a comment! Keep your chin up, smile sweetly and rant away in your blog to your hearts content.


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