Friday, 13 March 2009

If Only We Could Choose Our Neighbours!!!

I live in a small Cull De Sac type street, there are only six house, three of my neighbours are nightmares!!!!

Let start with my neighbours to the left of me. We used to have polish neighbours they were lovely, nice and quite, always said hello. If they had a party the music was turned off by eleven great neighbours. The new couple that have moved are so noisy!! They spent three months renovating the house, now let me explain about the houses we live. They are very small, the living rooms and kitchens are open planned!! Two bedrooms and a small bathroom with a shower (we have squeezed a bath in and I mean squeeze) These houses are also relatively new only about 20 yrs old, so how can it take three months??!!! They didn't even do it themselves they hired professionals. So all I heard for three months was bang, bang, bang, buzz buzz buzz. Not fun when your pregnant and trying to nap. Anyway so they finally finished and moved in, they are a very touchy feeling couple and its not a nice sight. Every time they leave the house together they have a snogging session first, we also seem to catch them its not pretty!! They also have a argument every Sunday night, I think they go to the pub for lunch have a few drinks and start a fight. They are so loud you can hear them over the TV!! BFB doesn't scream that loud! However they are not the worst neighbours!!

To my right is Batty lady, I'm sorry if that sounds nasty but she is!! I haven't got time to go through all the things she does, here are a few! She bangs and makes strange noises in the middle of the night! She's obsessed with rubbish, she has been seen on her bike at picking up rubbish off the streets at three in the morning. She puts out at least six bags of recycling each week!! she lives alone, she also puts it out really early which really p****s me off as it sits outside my window. This week she put it out Thursday it doesn't get collected until Tuesday!!! She had already put out six bags at the beginning of the week! This is the view from my window

Lovely isn't it!!! The worse bit is she steals our recycling then puts it out with her own!! She took all the large boxes we had when bought Megan's stuff put them outside her house then put them out with recycling!!

Lastly is the guy that lives next to batty lady, ponytail guy we call him. He doesn't recycle he burns it!! He is always having bonfires and does he tell us that he's going to burning things so we can get the washing in, close windows? No !!!

I can't wait until this recession is over and we can move, though knowing my luck we're get worse neighbours!!

OK rant over feel much better now, must go and do the housework!

NM x


  1. Hello, just visiting from British Mummy Bloggers and wanted to come over and say hi.
    No fun having crappy neighbours. Ours are lovely (sorry) but I've had 'weirdos' by us before and it can affect your whole life.
    My friend once lived next door to someone who would sunbathe in the nude in his back garden - his garden did not have very high fencing, he was in his 60s and had not looked after himself and she didn't appreciate having to keep all the curtains closed so her young children couldn't see!

  2. LOL Excellent! Mental neighbours are great! Some people call them annoying, I call them inspiring! Rant on comrade!

  3. I feel for you, we have had our share of neighbours from hell and it is horrible. Keep your chin up and hopefully it will improve

  4. Sounds like if you do move, your neighbours won't be much worse anyway!!

    CJ xx

  5. Well what can I say. Some people are lucky and have neighbours they love (I was very very lucky with my adorable neighbour Joan - who sadly passed away this spring - when I lived in Norwich. I miss her LOADS more now that I can't even pop to see her when I go back down). Some people have neighbours they would maybe prefer not to have (We have Max - Max is a law unto himself. A rough tough cookie, in his late 70s I'd say. Sometimes he talks politely with us, other times he totally ignores us or walks around mumbling "voodoo doll" or "that child needs locking up" or "rottweiller" (referring to me!). Recently he decided he was going to paint the monstrosity of a fence that he had erected about 5 years ago against our wishes. He just climbed over the wall and painted it his chosen colour one day!
    He has a coy carp pond (tiny wee garden) and keeps frogs too...Yup the frogs hop all over our garden and over my feet urgggh!
    He has a little hut where he does his welding. In the winter he keeps himself warm in there by burning something horrid and stinky that we all breath in reluctantly when the smoke extracts from his homemade "double funneled" blue and black chimney/work of modern art!)
    However, Max has lived there since he was a boy and WE are the new bods nextdoor - my husband has been here over 20 years - so perhaps we shouldn't complain and instead feel lucky to have the biggest most interesting character in the village living nextdoor to us!!


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