Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Pancake Day Has Been Postponed!

So yesterday we postponed Pancake day! OH had to work late night and because of my lay in we didn't have time to make them, so tonight we are having them for pudding with Banana's and chocolate ice cream yum!

BFB decided last night she wanted her bottle early by screaming so loud I thought my ear drums would burst which is so unlike her, then she proceeded to fall asleep half way through her fed the little minx. Finally got her settled in bed at 8.30ish which is late for her. OH let her have a little lay in the day before as well, which seems like a good idea but not when you don't get to sit down till 9 at night and especially when he is at work and I'm on my own. Never mind we are back into our nice little routine today.

A lovely surprise dropped through the letter box this morning!! My dad has sent me the new Live album (Probably haven't heard of them US band very big is Europe) its them playing live in Amsterdam and has nearly all my favourite tracks so a very happy bunny today. I am listening to it as a type, BFB seems to like it too she smiled and giggled when it came on...or she could have been laughing at me dancing around the room! She loves it when I dance around to Girls Aloud and of course I only listen to them for her!

My body aches so much its unbeliveable, I think i need to go to the doctors. I'm having trouble sleeping at its driving me mad, BFB sleeps through the night why can't I??? I have nothing on my mind, nothing is worrying me I just can't sleep, which means I feel so tired through the day, my body hurts and I don't feel like doing anything. Underactive thyroids run in my family so I'm going to ask the doctor to test for it.

Ok off to attempt some housework

NM x


  1. If you hurt, go see the doc, especially when you have a little one, better to be safe than sorry. Thanks for the follow.


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