Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Well I thought my weekend was busy, my Monday was non-stop and its all my own fault!!!

I decided yesterday that instead of staggering my housework across the week as I had been doing and feeling that I never stop I would do the majority of it on a Monday giving me the rest of the week to spend playing with Baby girl. I finally finished and sat down at 8.30 last night!!

This is what I achieved:-

1. Cleaned kitchen
2. Threw out old kitchen ware
3. Emptied fridge of out of date food (not much)
4. Cleaned living room
5. Hoovered stairs
6. Cleaned bathroom
7. Cleaned bedrooms put away washing from weekend
8. 3 loads of washing, dried and folded ready to be put away
9. Swept front yard
10. Organised coupons
11. Shredded paperwork that was no longer needed
12. Emptied all bins put out ready for collection
13. Washed and sterilised Baby Girls bottles
14. Prepped Dinner
15. Changed Baby Girl and Mummy 3 times as Baby Girl was sick over both of us
15. Wrote a blog post
16. Tried to get tickets for Reading Festival
17. Finalised online shopping from Sainsbury’s that is coming tonight
18. Planned meals for the rest of the work
19. Wrote a list of what we need for our holiday
20. Collapsed!!

So today I don’t have to anything!!! Right?

Except the washing up needs doing and I could run the hoover over the living room…

Someone stop me, please!!!


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  1. Always something to do with a baby! But I expect you wouldn't have it any other way!

    CJ xx


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