Friday, 6 March 2009

My Baby Free Day

Yesterday was OH day off so I had a baby free day!!

This started with a nice lay in, when I got up BFB was fed, the housework was nearly done. OH then made me breakfast after which I had a bath. I then got to straighten my hair and put on some makeup bliss!! I looked like myself pre baby (apart from the mummy tummy)

Then it was time to leave the house (wasn't as easy as I thought, heart strings pulling). I walked in town which takes about 10 Min's and had a stroll around the shops looking at things for BFB!! I then went and joined the library were I proceeded to take out four books, all for BFB (can you see a pattern here) I lasted about an hour before ringing home to make sure everything was OK.

I went to my favourite cafe for lunch, its really cozy like an old fashioned tea room. I had a jacket potato, two lattes and a slice of homemade Victoria sponge (yum) I read a non-baby magazine and then I was bored. I finished off some jobs in town then went home (walking very quickly)

When I got home BFB gave me the biggest smile and giggle. Even though it was nice to have some me time It was even better to get back to my baby!!!

NM x


  1. Sounds like a great day to me. I made faircakes all morning for a cake sale...

  2. Glad you took the time to a little you time, it is so important, enjoy when you can and I bet you OH loved having BFB to himself


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