Wednesday, 4 March 2009

My Big Brave Girl!

Yesterday was jab day, when it comes to needles I am bit of a wimp. When it comes to needles and my daughter then I'm a wreck !! Thank god OH came with us.

Now BFB was in a very good mood yesterday which I think helped with the way she coped with the injection. She gave the nurse a huge smile and giggled (little did she know that she was going to stick two needles into her legs!!)

I was so proud BFB didn't even flinch when the first one went in and only gave a short scream when the second needle went in and that was it. My big brave girl!!!

She was really sleepy all day and a bit whiny but other then that we had a good day, a few naps here and there (me included). She is still a bit sleepy today but she was the same after her first jabs.

Just one lot left to go in four weeks time then I can take her swimming!! Just in time for our holiday I can't wait.

I may have a little look while I'm on line for a swimming costume for her (and maybe a new one for mummy)

NM x

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