Monday, 30 March 2009

Where Has The Weekend Gone???

Even though I'm on maternity leave at the moment I still see the weekend as time to relax, take it easy, see friends etc and that's what I've tried to do this weekend but my god doesn't time go fast. I also find weekends just a tiring as the week!!!

My weekend started on Friday, one of my best friends came over with her daughter (she is 7 weeks younger then my Baby Girl (trying to stop calling her BFB) ) We went to the local baby and toddler group, played with the babies, talked to the other mum's, dranks coffee. Then we walked into town and had lunch, we got home about 2ish ,I then had to get dinner ready for the evening, prep BG bottles. I had done the housework in morning, by the time I got BG to bed I was shattered, it was only 7pm.

Saturday my Dad came to visit, so again we went to lunch, walked around town. I had to entertain him all afternoon (OH was at work) again by the time BG went to bed I was ready for mine.

Then came Sunday when the glorious clocks go forward an hour!!! OH had to work late night so we had the morning together, then he went off to work and I had BG all day and had to do the night time routine by myself. Because the clocks went forward so she didn't go to bed until 8, I then had to cook my dinner by the time OH got home at 9 I was ready to collaspe!!

And now its Monday again, where did my lazy weekend go???

If anyone finds it can they please send it back I miss it!

NM x


  1. Lazy weekend??? That's a thing of the past surely?!! I can't remember what a lazy weekend feels like, although every now and then I allow myself to have a little nostalgic moment...but then I'm rudely awakened from the with this weekend when we ended up in A & E!!

  2. Oh god yeah when you find it totally let me know!

  3. I dream of lazy weekends, if I can get a lie in til 9am I think I have hit a jackpot!


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