Tuesday, 3 March 2009

10 Things I've Learnt About My Self Since Having My Baby

1. I'm not as lazy as I thought, I actually find jobs to do. Whats wrong with me???

2. I don't need a lot of sleep!!! I thought I needed at least 12 hours, surprise! I don't

3. I 'm houseproud, I mean really houseproud, who knew!

4. I hate daytime TV, I really really hate it! Probably why I'm now addicted to the Internet!

5. I don't look that bad without makeup on! Think of all that money I could have saved!

6. I'm frugal, I knew I liked a bargain but its now become an obsession!

7. I really like too be organised. I love routine, I'm not the fly by the seat of my pants girl I thought I was!

8. I'm a really bad singer, but my daughter loves it when I sing so I will continue!

9. I don't embarrass easily, so keep on screaming in pubic BFB you will not break me!!

10. I really want to write, I don't know if I'll be any good at it but I might just give it a try!


  1. Ten very good things to have learned! I think we should give ourself reviews once a year to make us see ourselves and help understand ourselves!

  2. It's amazing how children can change us or make us realise our potential.

  3. Having a baby would really change our lifestyle. I know because I'm a mother of two kids and my story is just like as yours. We are doing these 10 good things because we just very much love our newborn and we wanna do anything just to make him comfortable and safe that we don't even care for our own health. As parents when we see our baby smiling it is a greatest acheivement.


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