Tuesday, 10 March 2009

But she's only 14 Weeks!!

BFB is teething, yes teething!!! She's only 14 weeks old! Not only that but she is also going through a growth spurt so she wants to eat more often its never ending. She's chewing her hands so much I'm worried that they will get sore, I keep giving her other things to chew but she goes back to her hands! She's also started to chat and gurgle more its so cute to listen to her babble away !!

The last few days have been long and busy, OH has been on late nights so I've had BFB all day and all night soo sleepy. I did manage to bake a cake yesterday, it was the first cake I have ever baked!!! I put too much Jam in the middle and it oozed out

Tasted good though!!
Today we went to B&Q to get a new kitchen sink and taps and they had everyone but the one we wanted so we came away with four new herbs, three pots and a Teddy Bear picture for BFB's bedroom!!!
We then took her to be weighed, she is now 16lbs 12.5 ozs!! She's but on 12.5 ozs in two weeks!! All together now Big Fat Baby!!!
Bargain of the week for me has been a free mascara from Rimmel http://bit.ly/8SxkG. Full size for nothing can't be bad!!! Looking for free stuff is my new hobby in the last two months I have got for free: 80 garden bulbs, teabags, coffee, seeds, heat pads and baby spoons!!
OK need to go and get dinner on and BFB fed and in bed.
NM x


  1. The cake looks gorgeous! I love baking, it's one of my favourite activities (another favourite is eating what I've cooked. Keep it up and post your pictures afterward as I'm naturally nosey and would love to see.

  2. I am jealous of this cake. When I bake my first, it will be less pretty, but hopefully equally oozy.

  3. Isn't it lovely when they start teething and your sleepless nights increase!! Your cake looks delish, very homemade, the best kind in my opinion. If you want my address.....!!

    CJ xx

  4. Oh crumbs, forget to mention, your blog looks lovely!!


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