Thursday, 2 April 2009

Beauty Routine????

Now I’ve never been a particularly glamorous woman or a real girly girl but I do love makeup , especially wearing makeup. However I have found since having BG as I’m sure you other mum’s have that I don’t have the time or inclination to follow my old beauty routine , well at least not everyday (when OH is off I have a mini pamper session). To be honest when she was first born my makeup and hair were the last thing on my mind but as we have gotten into a routine and she sleeps through the night, the need for me to look and feel more human has arrived.

My old routine would take me at least 20 mins, my new routine takes 5 mins. I have recently had my hair cut short and highlighted which helps make my routine shorter. I bet your wondering how do highlights make my routine shorter well I shall tell you.

I am naturally blonde but I have had my hair dark for the last 5 years, being a natural blonde means that I am pale and have light eyebrows which means I require more makeup to look alive and need to fill my eyebrows in to match my hair, so lighten my hair means I need less makeup, hence less time.

My old routine:-

Eyebrows (wax first then powder)
Eye shadow
Lip gloss
Straighten all hair

New routine:-

Wipe face with 4 in 1 face wipe
Dust face with mineral powder
Vaseline on lips (stopped using lip gloss everyday as I kiss BG a lot)
Run brush through hair (Run hair straightner over top of hair if have time)

Not only do I save time and money with my new routine but I’ve realised I don’t actually have to wear so much makeup to look good!

As we are talking pampering a extra little story for you. Monday night OH came home a huge Champneys gift set for me (which is lush) when I asked him (in a nice tone) what he had bought it for he replied “it was reduced” not the answer I was looking for!!! Lol

NM x


  1. Your new beauty routine is exactly the same as mine - down to a tee... Can't live without my vaseline!!

  2. I know its the best thing ever I have 3 or 4 pots all over the house and in my bag x

  3. Saving time and money - well done! Vaseline is a godsend and should replace Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream as it does all the same stuff for a fraction of the price. Don't forget to groom your brows with it as well!

  4. enjoy your Champneys set and well done on your fab new routine

  5. My routine has got less and less as I have had more kids and my business has got busier. It is now this:

    morning: drag brush through hair- any brush even a kids winnie the pooh one. Clean teeth. Shove make up bag in handbag with thought of applying it in the car when have dropped kids at school.

    night: don't take off make-up as it is still in my handbag, not on my face. Clean teeth and fall into bed.


  6. Haha, whatever works right?! I'm loving your blog! I need to read more about stuff like this for when I become a mommy! Excited to pick your brain some more!

  7. You have a beauty routine? Mine got lost a while back. Figure if I don't use make-up I won't have to take it off. But, vaseline is crucial to my life. I love the little pots that they do, I find them in the car, by the sofa, in my bag and once in the fridge. Think I must have been tidying... probably needed more sleep.

    I enjoy your blog - enjoy your baby girl!

  8. Wow - a beauty routine! I'm very impressed. Mine consists of jumping in shower for 10 minutes, if I'm lucky, smearing aloe vera and propolis cream on face to combat dry skin and applying make-up while on the bus or pushing the buggy, if I'm going to be meeting up with anyone (nothing if not). Every now and then I think I should really get myself a beauty routine, before it's too late, then I forget about it for another couple of years. Maybe I'll get it together when I'm 70!

  9. These days I put on my make up while brushing four sets of teeth. I think I can safely say I don't look good any more.


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