Thursday, 27 August 2009

9 Months Old

Today my Baby Girl is 9 months old!! I'm amazed by how much she has learnt in a month!

She's so quick at crawling now, she just whizzes past! I am very grateful we've got that baby gate or she's be in the oven half the time!

She is trying so hard to stand up by herself, she can pull herself up on the sofa, but is now trying to push herself up from the floor! She extends her arms and half stands, it looks like she's doing yoga! I am quite expecting to tell you next month she's walking.

BG has learnt to wave, its so damn cute! She waves to two hands and you have to wave back, then she claps. She also waves at the TV when music is being played so I think she'll start dancing soon! We start Musical Minis soon I thinks she's going to love it!

She has also started to share her food with me, she will suck her rice cake or bit of toast then when she has finished she will try to put it in my mouth! Mmmm soggy toast my favourite!

BG has learnt how to make a lot of noise with he toys, she has worked out if you bang them together they are loud and much more fun.

BG now knows that when you press the buttons on the remote control something happens to the TV! We have given her one of her own without batteries but she knows it doesn't do anything and wants the real one, she screams and has a tantrum if we take it away from her. I have to keep remembering to hide it!

The best thing she has started doing still has to be when she crawls over to me for a cuddle it makes my heart flip!

Now this month hasn't all be great, she is teething and its a nightmare. She's having a really bad time with them, and its really affecting her sleep. This morning she was up at 4.30, the night before she slept from 7.30 till 11.30 then didn't go back to sleep until 4.30 and woke up at 6. I spent most of yesterday in a daze.

We've tried everything, teething gel, teething powders, bickie pegs, calpol its just not helping, I really hope they pop soon and the pain eases up.

I'm having a baby free day today, BG is off with Nana which is great for me as she was in a right grump this morning! What have I done with my time? Well I've done the housework, three loads of washing and coloured my hair. Oh the glamour!

Its been nice to be able to do things without trying to keep a baby occupied, but I do quite miss her now!!

Right off to make the most of my last hour of freedom!



  1. I love it when they learn how to do something new. And when they come over to give you a hug or a kiss, it`s just so lovely.
    I hope the teething pain goes away soon. It`s not nice when you feel that you can`t take the pain away for them.
    Take care xx

  2. I hope that the teething pain goes away too! I use to think it is one of the worse parts of growing up.

  3. Aw, Happy Nine Months, BG! It's such a great time, with so many new things happening.

    Hope the teeth are through soon. I really can't remember the teething very much, for some reason, though I'm sure it wasn't pleasant!

  4. This really brings me back. Happy nine months.

  5. Its so lovely when they are learning how to do new things everyday,especially the kisses and hugs, it just makes your heart sing..I am sure she will be walking in no time at all.

  6. Ah, baby cuddles when they want them are the best, take them whilst they're on offer! Sounds like walking is just around the corner for you both. Hope her teething pain is gone very soon.

  7. This is such a lovely blog and it will be so great for your daughter to look back at when she's all grown up and be able to read about what she did! x

  8. aww bless her cottons! I love reading what she does because Soraya is 4 months younger so I know what I have to come :) She is now rolling over and trying to crawl (wriggle) and that to me is amazing so can't wait for the rest xxx

  9. craisymaisey - Thank you hun, its just so sweet when she does these things

    pippa - So do I!

    Tasha - Its amazing what you block out!!

    A Modern Mother - Thank you

    Lorraine - It really won't be long

    clairelancaster - Thank you, so do I

    Claire - thank you hun, or she will hate me for telling everyone!

    Wads - Its amazing how quickly it all happens, it took ages for BG to roll over thenshe started learning new things really quickly x

  10. Oh how sweet... The remote control trick, how do they do that?!! Both mine never took the broken control, they knew straight away we were trying to be ever so slightly cleverer than them :)

  11. It is amazing how quickly they grow, a good reason why we have to make the most of each moment.

    CJ xx


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