Friday, 14 August 2009

The Sneaky Switcharoo

In the last 3 weeks my happy to eat anything baby has turned into a right fussy madam.

One minute she loves something, two days later she doesn't like it! Its making feeding times a right nightmare and with her not drinking a lot of milk it worries me slightly

Now its not all food she's gone off, fruit and yogurt she will lap up, so its not that she isn't hungry its just she doesn't want to eat the savoury food!

Me and OH have devised a sneaky way of getting her to eat the savoury dinners, we call it the sneaky switcharoo!!

Basically we try her with dinner if she won't eat it we start feeding her the sweet pudding the sneak a spoon of savoury in before she realises!! and it works, sometime you can get 3 spoonfuls in before she realises its not fruit or yogurt!!

We also coat her porridge in yogurt to get her to eat when she decides she doesn't want it! We put some porridge (which already has fruit in it!) on the spoon then dip in the yogurt so she doesn't realise its porridge!!

Sneaky? Yes, Works? Yes!

Hey we already know I'm an evil mummy!!

If you have any other advice to help with a fussy baby please let me know!



  1. The only advice I would give you is relax about it. Both mine went through that phase and as much as it can be worrying at times she will catch up when she is getting hungry. My eldest does that all the time. He goes through phase of eating the whole house down and then for 3 to 4 days in row nada! Just stay aware and it it becomes worrying, talk to your GP or health visitor. Px

  2. She's just asserting herself, she'll snap out of it, I promise

  3. I agree with WSM, the only thing to make sure she's having enough of is fluids. You can go days without food, the same can't be said for fluids...



  4. I went through the same with all my 3older girls,i just kept offering it them and they eventualy gave in. Battle of wills most of the time and i agree with PHM they all go through these phases, good luck xx

  5. I like your style you have to be sneaky - babies these days are far too clever for their own good!

  6. I love that I'm a few months behind you - I'm going to use all your old posts to gain sneaky tips for the months to come :D

  7. I think all babies do this, but it is just to make up worry not anything more serious!

    DH accidentally mixed HM applesauce into dinner one night and Baby Boy ate it without any fuss.

    Sometimes I will let him have his entire pudding first and then his main meal too...

  8. I used to really worry about this with my first.....he eats anything now. I'm relaxed knowing they all go through these phases.It could get worse but I think as long as you don't make too big a deal about it they'll get over it in a few years....I know....ages.

  9. Liking the sneaky switcheroo!
    Some days Cash doesn't eat much at all, particularly at tea time, but he's still gaining weight. We always say they won't starve themselves and cross our fingers!

  10. Perfectly Happy Mum - I think thats my problem I get a little stressed and need to relax more, she actually eats a lot she's just a pain when she eats!!

    Weston-super-mum? - I'll hold you to that!! Lol

    Sarah Bradley - Luckly she's good with having drinks and will take water so I'm happy with her fluid intake. Thank you

    Amy - Thanks its nice to know that other babies do this x

    The wife of bold - Lol I agree, far too clever!!

    miss leslieanne - Glad I can help!!

    PippaD - So do I!! Lol

    Chic Mama - I need to relax more, thank you x

    SanfyCalico - Lol!


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