Tuesday, 4 August 2009

8 Months Old

I know I say this every month but I can't believe how quickly BG is growing up and changing!!

She is now 8 months old and what a difference a month makes! BG can now sit up quite straight on her own and play with her toys, her favourite being her stacking blocks!

Just after I posted her 7Th month update she started crawling backwards, well she can now crawl forwards and is getting pretty good at it, she can go about 5 paces before she flops on her belly, rolls around then crawls again!!

We are now in the process of removing everything that she can grab, pull or drag. Her favorite place in under the coffee table, I have no idea why!

She's babbling more and more, and has started to sing! She actually goes la la la its so funny! She will also clap along with me which it fab, so we sing and clap!

BG's new trick is to wriggle and roll while I change her nappy oh what fun we have (she says in a sarcastic tone!), BG thinks its hilarious!

We went had her weighed today she is now 22lbs 5ozs!! and sitting quite nicely on the 98Th centile. I spoke to the health visitor about her lack of milk but she was happy with what I was doing so I feel much better about it!

I wonder what the next month will bring!



  1. BG sounds so cute! 8 months is a lovely age. I think babies get more and more interesting as they grow up. Enjoy!

  2. It's crazy how quickly the time goes, isn't it?
    When I took Dylan to be weighed today there were lots of really little babies at the clinic, I can hardly remember him being that tiny!

  3. In the first two years of life, babies develop so fast.

    Its quite amazing to watch


  4. Really Rachel - I agree her personality is really starting to come through

    The Dotterel - As above!

    Miss lesieanne - I know my niece is a few weeks old and I can barely remember BG being that young!

    RM - Its the most amazing thing I've ever seen x

  5. I can't get B to lie still for her nappy any more! It's a 2 person job!!

  6. clareybabble - Lol, when OH is home he helps and holds her still for me


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