Sunday, 23 August 2009

My Response

Today on the Independent online was an article on Mummy bloggers titled "Is it a diary? Is it an ad? No its a mummy blog" (you can find the whole article here)

The more the times I read it the more I actually became quite angry with the piece, now I don't usually rant about things written in papers etc but today I thought I would!

Now I'm no expert in writing, I'm not a journalist or a writer my background is commercial and HR, so I kinda write how I speak, so please excuse me

Firstly I didn't start writing my blog because I was a "lonely" mum, I was a bored mum its very different! I didn't get into to blogging to do reviews, get in top 100's or make a difference. I didn't realise how big mummy blogging was when I started 6 months ago, I was jumping on bandwagon, I thought it would be fun and it is, most of the time

Do I get pitched products? Yes but I believe its because I do reviews plus I have my email on my blog, you can't blame them for trying or assuming that I will be interested. Do you find the same reviews on loads of blogs? Well yes and no, you don find that a group of Mummy Bloggers will do reviews on the same products, are the reviews all the same? No, everyone writes their own opinion of the product, I personally find the different views interesting. Are they perfectly written reviews? No, most of us are not trained writers or journalists, you not going to find that on my blog!!

Also as with any new product, service launch you will find lots of different reviews/articles on it. For example the Arctic Monkeys are releasing a new album, how do I know, well its every where, today I found a review in the Mail on Sunday 2 page 13, a mention in the News of the World magazine page 1 and a review on the Independent online here but that's OK!

I understand that some don't want to read reviews, that's one of the reasons I started my new blog, I don't want to stop doing reviews, yes I'm a swag hag and proud of it!! I don't review anything that I wouldn't buy myself, I'm a 100% honest and really really enjoy it

As for the Top 100, am I proud that I'm there? Hell yes, I'm sorry if someone puts you in a Top 100, (as long as worse is not in the tittle) you going to be proud and you want to stay there. Do I get frantic about it? About 3 days a month then I get on with bringing up my daughter!

I just feel the article was a little unfair and hashed together.

I'm glad that more and more mummies are blogging gives me something interesting to read!!


(Just realised I asked a lot of questions)


  1. I personally love your blog! I think it's well written in a style that easily flows. Don't let things like that get you down. They're most likely pissed off because more people read yours and other Mummy Blogs than read their articles.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Oh my i have just read the article and things are getting a little heated over there aren't they? I happen to agree with Claire and i can't understand all this sniping about top 100 lists and covering old ground, as my mum says "If you can't find anything nice to say then don't say anything!"
    I'm not a trained journalist/writer either and my blog is purely an outlet, one which i enjoy immensely and anything else that comes along is just a bonus.

  3. don't pay any heed. The comment has the distinct whiff of spite about it.
    Blogging isn't about who can and can't write. That's the whole point. Blogging is for everyone and anyone and, for me, the beauty of it is discovering new people and new points of view and new writing styles.
    It's not a competition as to who can write the best, far from it. It's about being yourself and using your own voice and enjoying it.
    And you do that in spades my dear! x

  4. ooh I hope you don't all mean my comment. I'm just a bit pissed off at people stealing some of my ideas for posts recently and not crediting me. I have to admit though, I do find it a bit disappointing when people advertise their blogs etc, etc and I go there and its just a record of the mundane aspects of their lives (ie, fed baby today,) not written with any humour or grammar. I'm also fed up with hearing how great certain handbags/ coats/ jeans are if I wanted to read that I would buy Look magazine.
    If you want to do that then fine, just don't advertise your blog so heavily and keep it private.
    I don't mean anyone here! I happen to think this is a pretty good blog. x

  5. I wonder whether the Indie writer, like other 'traditional' journalists was slightly threatened by the fact that perfectly normal/untrained people - yes, even mothers can express an opinion eloquently and well and thanks to blogging sites - now other people can enjoy reading it.
    It does mean that the world at large isn't confined to the broadsheet overanalytic word-counters or the cheeky scribblers at the red tops.
    Thank goodness the worldwide web is democratising writing. Bout blooming time!

  6. claire - thank you hun x

    The wife of bold - I completly agree!

    Tara - thank you, it wasn't even the comment that hurt its the fact they din't elaborate or left their own comment on the piece

    Zooarcheologist - We weren't talking about your comment hun, it was the comment left under the link I left for this post, it was a little spiteful but gave no reason for it. Thank you and I like you're blog too x

    Gigi - Here here!!

  7. I've tweeted about this, but wanted to add a comment here too.
    I think the person who is leaving you nasty comments on the Independent piece should reveal their identity. I would love to read their well-written, interesting posts (just a thought, perhaps I aleady do)!
    The thing about blogging is that it's something just about anyone can do. It's not the preserve of 'proper' writers or journalists.
    You have a deservedly popular blog. Your voice is clearly heard in every post.
    Keep doing what you're doing x

  8. I agree with Sandy, its all very well adding nasty comments, but not putting yourself out there open to everyone else. I also tweeted asking the nasty poster to direct us to their, well written, well articulated and entertaining blog... can't seem to see that yet.

    I love reading your blog, you get a feel for your personality in every post. Who cares what anyone else thinks, I bet like most mums you blog for yourself and the fun of it too.

    Keep it up!!!!!

  9. Sandy - Thank you hun, I don't think we will ever know who it is

    Lorraine - Thank you, I have never tried to be anything but myself!

  10. I LOVE your blog and it was this blog that got me started :) I didn't even realise blogging was sooo big until I read yours. And now there is an article about mummy blogging in the Independent! I am so behind the times!

  11. Hello! Sorry to see that you got the dodgy end of the stick from someone in the comments. You're blogging for you and invariably there will always be someone who doesn't like you but totally unneccessary to be so mean spirited. I don't understand why people don't just click off and move on. What's unfortunate about the way the comments degenerated on that article is it really creates the wrong impression. In the meantime, no doubt whoever your judge and juror is can feel the wagging of many a virtual two fingered salute ;-)

  12. I cannot believe what I have read on the Independent Website today. Please don't have palpitations, don't lose sleep, don't feel threatened. DONT! I was villified and attacked when I got my column in the Telegraph. THERE ARE LOTS OF JEALOUS PEOPLE OUT THERE - YOU HAVE STRUCK A NERVE! You are doing something right! Go girl...

  13. Wads - Why thank you hun x

    Nat - I think I was just the unlucky person that got in their way! They have been put their place quite well!

    Dulwich mum - Thank you very much,I will carry on doing this because I love it!

  14. Just read the comments from the Indie article and wanted to come over and show you some support. Whoever wrote that mean comment has a chip on their shoulder. Maybe you have more followers than them and they're jealous.

  15. Flippin' heck! I read the Independent article first thing yesterday but had no idea about the furore that ensued! Some really nasty, spiteful comments from people that a) don't get it, b) are so far up their a***s I'd be surprised if they can see daylight, c) are insanely jealous or d) all of the above! You know who your friends/fans are x

  16. I just read that ridiculous comment on the Indie website - don't you dare pay them one second of attention. What matters is that you keep it real. Your blog is fab and I'm proud that you're contributing to LivingwithKids xxx

  17. You've got the ENTIRE community supporting you! Keep up the good work :)

  18. notsupermum - Most probably!!Thank you x

    Sam - Thank you very much x

    Liz - I'm trying not too, I'm proud of contributuing to LivingwithKids x

    Kim - I intend too x


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