Tuesday, 11 August 2009

EA Sports Active 30 day Challenge - Day 10

Well its day 10 of the 30 day challenge and to say its not going well is an understatement! (To the very nice lady who sent this to me, sorry I'm being a pants reviewer!!)

Now its the not the exercise program that is the problem its me and OH. We did day 1 fine, then got lazy by day 2 (terrible I know) Day 3 was a rest day (The programme schedules rest days) and now I have hurt my back as you know!

I am in a lot of pain and I'm really annoyed that the challenge is on hold as It looked really good and could see it working for us. I'm off to the osteopath tomorrow so hopefully he will sort it out for me and I can get back on track.

Before I start it again I do need to get a sports bra, you full on run so I need the support!

Hopefully my day 20 update will be much more exciting for you!

OK hobbling off to get more painkillers



  1. Your back sounds ouchy!

    I've been thinking about getting Wii Active to get fit but have SPD, which is slowly improving since I had little E 11 weeks ago.

    Hope the osteopath can help you.

  2. oooh- poor you, take it easy.... not fun. :0(

  3. I have SPD too. My acupuncturist recommended that I see a craniologist. Haven't done in yet. Get better soon. I have Wii Active which I'm restarting - there's plenty of variety so that you don't have to wreck your back.

  4. Hobbling??!! Oh dear no! Please do take it easy Carol. Take your time, rest up and make sure you're fully recovered before giving it another go on EA Sports Active.

  5. Thanks ladies, I've been to the osteopath and hace to go back for one more sesssion, its feeling a lot better but its still v difficult to bend and lift! so fun with a baby!


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