Monday, 17 August 2009

My Passion

Tomorrow night I get to indulge in one of my biggest passions, live music!

I'm off to see Pearl Jam at the o2 with OH and my dad!

OK so you probably think I'm a bit sad going with my dad, but that's who I get my passion from.

My dad loves music especially rock and metal and he introduced me and my sister to a whole range of music and other arts at an early age.

I went to my first concert at 11, we went to see Kylie Minogue. Me and my sister actually wanted to see Jason Donovan but my dad was having none of it!! I remember getting completely lost in the music, we kept getting told off for dancing in the aisles but we didn't care.

Ever since then I've been hooked on going to see gigs, I've seen so many bands/artists that its More a case how haven't I seen then who I have.

I love getting lost in the music, may favourite venues are the small ones where you can feel the music pulsing, its the best feeling ever.

BG already loves music and she should do, she went to many concerts and festivals last year when I was pregnant and would bounce around inside to music! She loves a bit of rock!

I really enjoy going to gigs with my dad, we have the same tastes in music (most of the time), he's the one that actually introduces me to new bands. But he doesn't just take me and my sister to gigs, he's taken us to musicals, plays, the ballet, museums, art galleries and rugby matches.

We have been really lucky to have been exposed to these great opportunities. My sister loved the theatre so much that that is were she works now as a Deputy Stage Manager and me? I get to pass on my love for these to my daughter! I was definitely born to appreciate

Though if someone wants to pay me to listen to music, give me a shout !

NM x


  1. If you find that job, can I be your assistant?
    I'm totally with you on the passion for music - expecially of the live & loud variety :)

    And the LD is just like BG - he went to a few concerts as a bump & was (and is) always surrounded by music - he loves it :D

    Have a fantastic time at the gig - I'm sure they'll be amazing :)

  2. OMG! Pearl Jam! Hubby loves Pearl Jam!

    I think its wonderful your going with your dad. I wish I could go anywhere with mine!

    Hope you have a lovely time


  3. Have a fab time, I too love music and love live gigs and think it is fab that you have been able to enjoy these with your dad. ENJOY!!!

  4. I went to see Pearl Jam when they first broke in the Uk at the ULU in London in the 1990's, my friend enjoyed the company of Eddie quite a lot if you catch my drift. Those were the days..
    Have fun!

  5. Have a wonderful time - and how great to go with your Dad! My brother is the one who introduces a lot of new music to me and I adore going to concerts with him

  6. Have a wonderful time!

    I love live music, too, though more smaller gigs in pubs, than the big ones. And I used to love going with my dad. Really miss it, actually. We have a music festival in Stroud in September every year, with outdoor stages and music in most pubs. My sister and I get quite sad that my dad's not there with us, though we still manage to enjoy ourselves.

    (Sorry, got a bit self-involved there!)

  7. Your Dad sounds ace, your very lucky! Have fun bopping away!

  8. Miss Leslieanne- Of course you can ;)

    RM - Thanks hun, had a fanastic time x

    b - Thank you x

    zooarchealogist -Lol lucky friend! My best mate would kill to meet him!

    Weston super mum? - I love going with him and my sister too

    Tasha - Oh hun ((hugs))! I prefer the smaller gigs too.

    The wife of bold - He is! Had a fab time

  9. I love live music too, any live music in fact! I think that being able to pass an appreciation to our children is one of the best gifts we can give.


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