Tuesday, 25 August 2009

No Fear

My Daughter has no fear what's so ever!! and since learning to crawl will try to climb, throw her self off, grab anything! Its giving me a mini breakdown!

She's forever bumping her head or hurting something, but she doesn't care, has a quick cry, a hug from mummy and she's back trying to climb the patio door!

Yesterday she climbed out of her cot! Yes my nearly 9 month old baby climbed out of her cot. I heard a big thump then the biggest scream, but after a kiss and a cuddle she was ready to jump of my lap and try her luck with the outside of the cot!

We have now dropped the base to the very lowest it will go and keep our fingers crossed she can't get out now! Didn't stop her trying last night the little minx! But I was prepared for her, I laid pillows and our spare duvet on the floor so if she had managed it at least she's had a soft landing!

Must dash she's trying to climb up her highchair now!



  1. Oh it's worrying when they do that isn't it. I hope she doesn't do it again.I'm sure mine only ever did it once.

  2. My dd climbed out of her cot (base on lowest setting) at 17 months. I had put her down for a nap and was suddenly startled when I turned to see her standing behind me in the kitchen holding her teddy!

  3. Chic Mama - She tried too, its on the lowest bas so hopefully she won't beable to do it for a while

    Juicytots - Lol at least she didn't hurt her self, bet she was really proud!

  4. I remember being a particularly adventurous baby and actively finding new things to jump off. I still find it pretty impressive these days. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. Sounds like you have a right little adventurer there , ahh well you would only get bored if you were not running round after her all day..lol

  6. And just think how much more adventurous she can be when she's bigger...!
    Got a meme-award for you over at mine :)

  7. Kim - I am, though I think she may give me a heart attack

    Lorraine - Oh I don't know!!

    Really Rachel - Thanks for that!!

  8. I can't put Baby B in her little chair now because she can climb out of it! Babies obviously don't like being strapped in! x


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