Sunday, 2 August 2009

What Have I Started???

Today me and OH started our 30 day EA Sports Challenge on the Wii!!

OMG!! I'm soo going to hurt tomorrow!

It is a proper full on workout!

I have a personal trainer (I choose the man!!), you set up all your details age, weight, height etc and it tailors the workout for you.

It works out how many calories you've work off!!! Though it doesn't tell you how many chocolate bars that equates to!

This is part of a review, though I'm not going to bore you everyday with this (my general life does that!!) I will give you an update at day 10, 20 and 30, that is if we last that long!

Right off to finish setting up my new blog, it launches Monday!!

NM x

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  1. I am reviewing this too! After the first day I ached but now I don't at all. I've been really good with it too although I didn't do it tonight because of B's birthday. Will have to make it up tomorrow...can't wait to see the new blog!


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