Sunday, 9 August 2009

What A Week!

This week has definitely been a mixed week! Of course the most important thing that has happened this week is BG's crawling, since Tuesday she has picked up speed and is everywhere!

Unfortunalty all the chasing around and picking up my chunky monkey has meant I've out my back out!!

I'm in quite a lot of pain and the tablet given me by the doctors are not working so it looks like an expensive trip to the osteopath!

As I was in a lot of pain OH parents took BG out for the day yesterday, it was her first outing with them. It was also the first time had been at home for a long period of time without her, it was sooo weird, I keep thinking she was up stairs asleep!

It took a while to relax but it was really nice just to rest and read a book. After a couple of hours I really began to miss her and every time a heard a car outside I thought it was them! BG was a good girl and only screamed at them once!!

Hopefully they will take her out a bit more often, so me and OH can have a little break.

(Warning horn tooting and self promo coming up!!)

On Monday I launched my new blog called New Mummy's Tips !! It a tips, offers, discount, review, etc etc type blog. I found I was getting offered a lot of reviews but was concerned that loads of reviews on this blog would take away from this is really about ....ME!! Only joking its of course about me and BG! So pop over and have a look

The Great Toy Guide blog also launched on Monday, this blog features and advice on toys, activities and accessories for children aged 0 -8 years old. The review are done by a team of parent loggers which I am a part of of. Now I am just in the processes of testing my toys but there are some great reviews on there already so pop over have a good look.

This week I also joined the Mum's Test Panel over at the Living with Kids blog which is part of Kidstart

I also made it into Parentdish UK Mummy Bloggers Friday roundup

And last but not least the August Top 100 British Parent Blogs was annouched over at Who's The Mummy and New Mummy is now at 47! so I've moved up 24 places (Toot toot)

So in terms of blogging and BG's development its been a good week!

In terms of my back and finding a job its been a bad week!

Never mind it all starts again tomorrow!


PS I have about 4 memes to pass on, which I will do next week so watch out!!

PPS Check out the latest British Mummy Bloggers Carnival the link is in my side bar


  1. Sorry to hear about your back. Hope the osteopathy helps.
    Excellent about all your publicity - you're doing really well!
    Good luck with the new blog, it looks great.

  2. Really Rachel - Thank you hun x

  3. Blimey Mrs, you're a full on blog celebrity!
    You totally deserve it though, your blog is a great read :)

    Hope your back sorts itself out soon xx

  4. Wow, you are one busy lady. Well done with all the blogging success and sorry to hear about the back. Mine went for the first time this week too (getting baby out the cot). Off to get acupuncture today - have heard great things so fingers crossed. Will return again x

  5. miss leslianne - Its so strange because I didn't start blogging for all of this, it was just a way of expressing myslef! thank you x

    Amy - Thank you, ket me know how the acupancture goes!

  6. Hey hope your back gets better, your new blog is great and well done BG on the crawling x

  7. Well done with all the publicity!

    Just found you through the MBC site.

  8. Insomniac Mummy - Thank you, great stuff I will look for you on there! Have you joined BMB yet?


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