Friday, 9 April 2010

Haircuts, Bumps & Bruises and The Soundtrack To My Week

This last week has been jammed packed, so I'd thought I'd give you the highlights.

Last Friday I had my hair cut, short, very short!

This is me before....

and this is me after...

Ignore the double chin!!

At the weekend I had a house full, for the first in a long time I got to cook for my family. My sister, her OH and my 13 year old cousin who was over from Ireland came to stay.

We stuffed ourselves silly on Easter Sunday so on the Monday we took a walk to the park where BG managed to trip and bang her head and nose. She had two bumps on her head and a graze on her nose, she now looks like I've been beating her!

My sister and her OH went back Monday and left my 13 year old cousin here with us. She didn't quite realise how *fun* it is to have a toddler running around, she made the fatal mistake of trying to play on her laptop while BG was awake, BG wanted to help her by closing the top down and pressing the buttons, what a helpful child *snigger*

Tuesday was a lovely day so we went to the seaside and went to the sea life centre, which was loved by all. BG likes the really ugly and dangerous fishes, she saw the Piranha's and went "ahh", any thing with teeth she liked!

We took a walk along the beach and BG collected a stone to take home, do you want to see it?......

Its huge!! Not exactly what we had in mind but we couldn't get it off her...

A good day was had by all, especially as we hot, freshly made doughnuts on the way home.

Me and BG had the house back to ourselves yesterday, so we had the afternoon in the garden, where she tripped hit her head and nose again!! and gave her self a nose bleed. Hugs and chocolate made it better.

It was a lovely Easter for us, BG only got one small egg from me and OH and the rest of the family bought presents or gave us money for her next term of Musical Mini's (yes I am a mean mummy)

So this brings me to the soundtrack of the week, I had a good think about it and choose this..........

We Are Family by Sister Sledge 




  1. Ah, sounds like a lovely week :)
    (Apart from the bumps & bruises - obviously - poor BG!)
    And I still say the rock needs googlie eyes!

  2. Your hair is very chic I like it a lot. I think you are really smart asking for mmoney towards classes thats not mean at all its savvy and will bring way more more pleasure than a quick choc fix
    ! My son had WAY too many Easter eggs of which I have eaten loads...not clever.

  3. Your hair looks great. It really suits you. xx

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