Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Gallery - Joy

My first idea for this weeks subject Joy for Tara's Gallery was to take pictures of all the things that give me joy, however with BG being poorly that hasn't happened. So I've put together some old pictures which show Joy.

The first picture is the day BG was born, those tired looks on our faces are actually looks of pure joy.

The second picture is 6 weeks later on BG's first Christmas day, we went out for dinner with both our families and I had my first drink since she was born, I was very happy.


These photo's are some of my favourite of BG, her face is showing pure joy in each of these photo's and when I see them they fill my heart with joy.

Sorry for going all soppy on you, I'm now off to see to my grumpy, spotty baby.



  1. Aww, great photos. Hope BG is feeling better soon. Chicken Pox? :0(

  2. Aww she is such a cutie! Lovely photos - hope she's back to her smiley self soon x

  3. Mrs Lucia-Wright - Thank you hun x

    Nova - Yes Chickenpox, she's getting there x

    SusanKMann - Thank you hu8n x

    Joise @sleepis for the weak - Thanks hun, she's on the mend x

  4. hey my lovely big sis, i started a blod..not vey good i must say lol. i am a follower of you so any tips on the bloggin would be great the name is yummymummysausge( dont ask) love you lots xxx


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