Monday, 12 April 2010

Bad Mummy Moment

BG has Chickenpox, she's covered in sore, red spots. She woke up yesterday with some spots on her neck, so I took a picture and posted it on twitter (obviously), some though it could be chickenpox but it was a bit early to tell. 

Later that afternoon the spots had multiplied, so we took her to the out of hours doctors who confirmed it was Chickenpox, so we went home with a huge supply of calamine. 

No why am I a bad mummy I hear you say? Well, she's probably had it for a few days and I hadn't noticed.
Let me explain, when BG is teething she's get nasty nappy rash. On Friday her bum look a bit sore and there were some spots, I just though it was nappy rash. Turns out there were the chickenpox spots, by the time we went to the doc they had burst, apparently the spots like warm places.

I left the doctors feeling like the worse Mother in the world, there's me slapping on nappy cream and all along she's got the Chickenpox. 

To be honest she doesn't seem to notice the spots, which can only be a good thing. The doctor (who always makes me feel like a neurotic mum) said she may not get itchy as he seems to think its psychological and she's too young to realise. We shall wait and see, she is definitely not herself so lots of cuddles are in order this week.  

I just hope it all clears up soon.



  1. Poor mite - but if she's not really complaining then you can't possibly have known! I hope she has a mild dose of it. There is a wonderful cream which name escapes me that your chemist might have over the counter if calamine is not strong enough - useless information hey? I guess I'm trying to say that there is more than calamine out there if it gets bad - good luck!

  2. Dont fret, bith mine had popped spots before I ever even noticed. Mini in some very sore places!

    You can get calomine with Aquaous cream for nappy areas and some great foam called PocCiln foam is great too Also bicarb and oats in a muslin in the bath. I let them have bath tea partys

  3. Sparx - Thank you, she seems fine at the moment no itchiness, will check with pharmacist if it gets bad.

    TheMadHouse- BG's are in a sore place too. We got the calamine aqueous cream, will have a look at the foam,thanks hun x

  4. awww poor little one i hope she gets better soon xxx

  5. I squeezed an insect bite on my sons back... which turned out to be the pox. He was only qo months old and still has a scar there (he is 9 now) think how bad I felt!!
    My 6yo has also had it but 3yo still hasn't. I would like her to get it soon as it is easier when they are little.
    Hope BG is better soon x

  6. Ah don't feel bad about it, the only thing you can give is TLC anyway! B still has some scars from where she had it and H is yet to have it. Worst was with B I got shingles at same time, which acording to my GP cant be brought on by being in contact with chicken pox - but seems highly coincidental as it's the same virus! It was agony and I actually was taken straight back to my childhood when I had chicken pox, I was very young but that deep raw painful itch is awful - more intense with shingles though. But if she cries when you put calomine on its really is because it hurts, its not just cold! If the itching gets bad did your doc recommend anti histamine like piriton for kids? Worked a treat with B so much better than calomine!

  7. Don't ever let anyone make you feel neurotic or like a bad mum.

    I would switch doctors faster than I can talk (and that's fast!)

    Hope she feels better fast.

  8. Don't feel bad - it's just one of those things. Bless her. Just watch the scratching as the spots start to scab - that's when the scarring occurs. I thought we were doing really well and then No 1 Son picked one right on his forehead and still has the scar.

  9. That's not your fault!! I would of thought exactly the same! Hope she's feeling better soon & that all the spots clear xx

  10. Poor little thing at least now she's had it and got it over with!
    No need to feel like a bad mummy at all we've all done things which with hindsight we may have done differentlty,no harm done though I'm sure in a few days she'll be fine :-)

  11. aaw bless her, am sooo not looking forward to BB getting them. Don't feel bad hunny, not your fault at all. Hope you are both ok xxx

  12. aww poor BG, hope she is better soon and the spots don't bother her too much.

  13. Hi there - not a Bad Mummy moment at all ! My sons had it when they were two and three respectively and it barely troubled them. I had it at 16 and it was ghastly ! It's better to get it over with- hope she gets better soon x

  14. Thank you everyone for you great comments I feel much better now. BG is getting much better and all your advice helped x x

  15. I did that once but with 'hand, foot and mouth' disease(and no it's not what your thinking). I sent Madam E off to nursery with it oneday. My logic 'it can't be a rash if it's just on her hands and feet and nowhere else, must be irritation from playing in the sand pit'. Only to see a big sign on the nursery door 'Hand, Foot & Mouth Case in under 2's' when I picked her up at the end of the day.

  16. I really don't think you should beat yourself up. There is no cure for chickenpox. And if she was behaving normally, then it's no big deal. Sounds like she has a really light case of it, anyway.

    Now... If you were talking about not noticing a child's first case of conjunctivitis until there was white gunk oozing from his eyes...


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