Monday, 19 April 2010

Sssshhhh The Baby Is Sleeping

*whispers* for the past 4 weeks BG has slept through the night, in her own bed (Please don't hurt me)

This has been 9 months in the making and we had to make a big decision to get her to sleep through. We finally bite the bullet and tried controlled crying with her and after one night of it, it worked. It took 20 mins in total and  we have had 12 hours of a sleeping toddler every night since.

I know many people are against Controlled Crying as a technique to get babies to sleep and I understand all the reasons and arguments against it , for us it really was a last resort and I'm am glad we finally did it. 

We we're really spoilt when BG was younger, she dropped her night feeds at 9 weeks and starting sleeping 7 to 7, it was heaven. We felt slightly smug, other friends we knew were desperately trying to sleep train their children and BG did it all by her self. All was perfect until she was about 6 months and she started teething, then she became ill, her sleep routine was ruined and it has taken almost 9 months to get it back on track.

It wasn't just a case of BG waking up in the night and having to get her back to sleep and back into her cot. Once she was awake she wouldn't settle and go back into her cot, every-time she fell asleep  she would wake as yiu laid her back down, so it became easier to take her down stairs and sleep on the sofa with her. BG wouldn't sleep in our bed with us.

It was mainly OH that would get up with her, I am really deep sleeper and once she dropped those night feeds I barely hear her cry (we already know I'm an evil mummy) so OH would get up.

It then become easier to leave her sleep on the sofa at night and not even try and put her in the cot, OH would sleep on the floor next to her, she would wake up at 4am and crawl down for  cuddle. 

I know it sounds completely mental but it worked and we all kinda got some sleep. However after 9 months of this, it was taking a toll on me and OH mentally, physically and for me emotionally. I missed sharing my bed with him and evenings had become quite strained. 

We had allowed BG to get to such a bad routine at home and it was starting to tear us apart. I must also pint out that when BG slept at her nan's she slept through the whole night, it was only at home that she didn't

So 4 weeks ago after BG had spent the night at her Nana's, we put her to bed when she fell asleep at 7pm, she woke at 9pm. OH went up, laid her down, told her it was time to bed and we left her for 5 mins and yes she did scream, he went back up did the same again and we left her 10  mins, he went up a 3rd time and within 5 mins of him coming back down she was asleep and she slept until 7.30 the next day. 

BG now sleeps through the night, we only had to do it once. Its starting to make a huge difference in out life, me and OH are spending quality time together and BG wakes up in a great mood. We go in and get her, she picks up Pooh bear, gives us a kiss and is ready to start the day. The last month has defiantly been good for us. 

I'm not saying this is for everyone, it was a last resort for us and something I'm glad we have now done. 

Its amazing what sleep can do for your family (though I have to get used to OH snoring again)



  1. Well done you, it's a fantastic feeling isn't it?!
    I'm with you on this one, CC was a last resort for us with our son. He had a phase (a very long phase) of waking at 5am but would then want to go back to sleep for an hour or two after being awake for a while. We were both shattered. So we did CC, it took about 4 days and now he sleeps through until 6:30pm. It's pure heaven and I skip out of bed now!

  2. I don't think there is anything wrong with it and well done you.

  3. Sleep is a wonderful thing and I glad that you are friends with it again. Congratulations on the hard work!

  4. well done for sorting it out!! I never used to like controlled crying either but i used it with my 2year old when she was messing around and it worked a treat! recently my pud has been waking up and not settling without a bottle even though she eats plenty in the day. She slept through at her grandmas too so i knew she was just messing me around. I did controlled crying last week and she hasn't got up either yay!!!! and if she does i can just give her a dummy and she goes straight off. It feels so goo whne you sort out a bad sleep routine. xxxxxx

  5. To each their own I say. I'm really glad you've got her into a routine that now works for all of you. xx

  6. a few good nights of sleep completely changes you doesn't it? I used controlled srying or whatever you call it on my first, not so much on my second from can't-be-arsed-itus rather than any moral stance about it. whatever fits the child and parents at that given time, i say.

  7. That is brilliant. I will admit we did the same with Piran recently, we only did one night and then it worked for two weeks (he woke up wanting a feed but I know he doesn't need it anymore). However, then he was teething so we got back into being up.

    Right now we never know what he will do - some nights he sleeps through, others he doesn't. It is certainly keeping me on my toes but it messes with my mind because I find it hard to relax and get a good night's sleep.

  8. johicks1982 - Its a great feeling

    Chrissie - Thanks hun x

    littleblackduckblog - Thank you x

    Amy - It was a long time coming

    susie @newdaynewlesson - Its the best

    Mrs Lucia-Wright - Thanks hun x

    Heather - I agree, you have to choose what's right for you. x

    Kelly - Even when they slept down stairs and I had the bed to my self I still didn't sleep properly. Those damn teeth have a lot to answer to x


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