Tuesday, 27 April 2010


This wasn't the post I was planning for today, I was finally getting around to the meme's I had been tagged to do, however it all changed this afternoon.

Me and BG went to the park after lunch and when we got back there was a message on the answer phone. It was from the local college to say my Creative Writing course I should have been starting on Thursday has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

I'm completely and utterly gutted. 



  1. I know I've already said sorry but wanted to leave a comment! I kinda know how your feeling. Canceling my OU course because I need to get a job. Is there anyway you can do the course online or at another college? xx

  2. Lack of interest? That's hardly creditable, is it.

    Shall I start an on-line course instead?

  3. Aw chick I'm so sorry :( That's absolutely rubbish. And yes you should Tim! x

  4. Susankmann - Yes it does!

    Emma - It was a free course I can't afford to pay and I don't drive so this was ideal as it was in town. And it meant a got two hours a week for me

    The Dotterel - I know, its run by Stamford college but in Spalding and yes please start a course x

    Josie - Thanks hun x

  5. Oh that's a real shame. I know Inkwell (or someone) was tweeting about the Avron competition - a few friends of mine have been on their courses, they're highly recommended. I think the competition is £5 to enter (you submit something you've written) and then you get a free course, and they also give free places to people on low incomes. It would be well worth you doing this xxx

  6. Liz - Thank you, there is a poetry comp in May x

  7. Am sorry to hear that hun, hope something else comes up, know how it feels to want time to yourself x

  8. I was going to suggest setting up an online group too!

    And I had something similar happen to me a couple of years ago. And yes it sucks.

    Actually I have OU A215 Creative Writing workbook somewhere if you (or Emma) want it - i started but was preg and ill so couldn't finish it!

  9. Babygenie - Thanks hun x

    Sam thewlis - Lol, great minds! I'd love the book, I'm happy to use and pass on. x


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