Thursday, 29 April 2010

I'm Scared

I’m scared I’m a bad mother
I’m scared I’ll turn into mine

I’m scared people with laugh
I’m scared they won’t read it

I’m scared I won’t reach my full potential
I’m scared I already have

I’m scared you won’t love me forever
I’m scared you will

I’m scared I’m not enough
I’m scared I’m too much

I’m scared I’ll fail
I’m scared I’ll succeed

I'm scared to be heard
I'm scared I'll be ignored

I’m scared to try
I’m scared what will happen if I don’t

I’m scared I’ll disappoint you
I’m scared I all ready do

I’m scared to let go
I’m scared if I don’t let go what will happen

I’m scared I will always be bitter
I’m scared to forgive

I’m scared that you might leave me
I’m scared that I won’t stay

I’m scared to cry
I’m scared to laugh

I’m scared of what might be inside me
I’m scared I can’t let it out

I’m scared every minute of every day. 

This was written for Josie's Writing Workshop, I choose prompt 5. Pick an emotion that best represents your state of mind right now and write creatively on that theme.


  1. Carol this is beautiful.

    Your writing is coming on so much, this is such a fabulous expression of how you're feeling.

    I can relate to every word. I am scared a lot of the time too. But see? You posted! That's a big "I laugh in the face of fear" victory that one.

    Keep going honey. Keep going. We can do it :) xxx

  2. I love this, it is such a familiar feeling for me too, but I refuse to verbalise it for fear of it overtaking my whole life.

    What a great way of writing about it.

  3. Lovely piece of writing and hope it's helped to get it out. It's obvious people ARE reading it ;) so give yourself a (( hug )) xx

  4. This is fantastic, excellent writing and filled with emmotion and truth that I can relate too. Well done. xx

  5. I remember reading once about how fear makes stuff real , if we are scared it means we care enough to think about it...

    I thought your post was wonderful and something more people could relate to

  6. This is so so good. Really excellent. I love it and I know just how you feel. Have days like that too. It was brave to post it, but I hope you feel better now you have, because you've done a great job. Don't ever feel it's not good enough, because it IS. Big hug xxx

  7. I love this, it's brilliant. You are fabulous you know xxxx

  8. Fabulous bit of writing, New Mummy. Really powerful.

  9. So glad you posted it. It is really good and am sure it already helped you just to write it. (Isn't this blogging great therapy?)

    I think everyone is afraid of things. The challenge is admitting our fears, looking them in the face, dealing with them, accepting them and moving on.

    You go girl!

  10. This is a great post, I really enjoyed reading it.

  11. Thank you all for the support x x

  12. Lovely piece. I think there are so many of us who can identify with these feelings! Very well written. xx

  13. This is brilliant, especially this line:
    I’m scared I won’t reach my full potential
    I’m scared I already have
    Powerful stuff x

  14. What a brilliant post! Thought it was fantastic, so much of it that I'm sure we are secretly relate to everyday x


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