Wednesday, 4 November 2009

That Damn Jamie Oliver DVD!

Me, my dad and No1 Sister have a competition every Christmas to see who can buy the crapest present and trust me we take it very seriously! Some years so seriously that we've spent more time and money on them then the proper presents.

All three of us are so similar that there have been times that we have all bought each other the same presents for each other, including the Jordan Joke book and the Peter Andre and Katie Price CD (and yes we bought them a full price and no she can’t sing!).

I can’t remember how this tradition actually started but I know it’s been going for about 10 years now and mine and No 1 sister’s partner have also got in on it!

No matter how much we all try my Dad always comes up with the best crap gift, over the years these have been simple gifts such as a paperweight engraved with the mission on the company he works for, they were given to all the workers so he recycled it and it is now mine! And very elaborate jokes played on us.

The one I remember the most was years ago when DVD players had just come out, my Dad bought me the film 7 on DVD, now I really dislike that film and I didn’t have a DVD player!! That’s not the joke, he is an evil genius my dad. That year I had to work Christmas day in the Pub I worked in and serve Christmas dinner (to a lot of ungrateful miserable gits!) so we decided to open half of our presents in the morning and the rest when I got in from work.

One of my gifts was a quite large rectangle, and I thought to myself wow dad has bought me a DVD player, I mean while else would he buy me a DVD I couldn’t watch. So I get home from a very long lunch shift, we open our presents and I get to the big box and open it and its a .........................................................hairdryer!!!!!

Yes my Dad had bought a DVD I couldn’t watch and knew that I would think that the hairdryer was a DVD player, evil genius!

Now there is one present that just won’t go away! Though that’s probably because we keep passing it on to each other and that is the Jamie Oliver Christmas DVD. Now if I remember rightly my dad bought it for me, then I passed it back the year after, then my sister got it the year after that and you get the picture.

 It never been watched, it’s still got the plastic cover on it (sorry Jamie) It just goes back and forwards each year, I can’t remember who has it at the moment and I fear its coming my way this year!

We made a deal last year no more crap presents as we didn’t have the money or the space but I know that won’t stop my Dad or that Jamie Oliver DVD being passed on! I just hope it’s not my year or I may force them all the watch at last!


This was written for the Sleep Is For The Weak writing workshop, I choose prompt no 2


  1. Send it to me - I like Jamie Oliver - so long as it's him cooking and not singing or anything !

  2. I can not bear Jamie Oliver, but his cooking is good

  3. Great fun.

    My parents and their best friends had a birthday card with a photo of an owl on it that went back and forth between the 4 of them for about 20 years, inset pages the lot. I stuck it in my Mum's "This is Your Life" type album I made her for her 60th birthday

  4. Brilliant! This sounds so much like something my family would do. My dad had a friend at University with whom he sent the same card back and forth - I love your Jamie DVD equivilent!

    Hope it doesn't land on you this year ;)


  5. I adore this!! (the blog not the DVD!) my friend and I play 'crap present' too - but the rules are stricter, it must be bought from a charity shop, it must cost less that £1 (cheaper the better!) and must had a place name on it.

    so far we've had mugs from Liverpool, Decorative plates from London and once delightful (!) china donkey from the Algarve.


    I dare you to suggest watching the DVD on Christmas afternoon.....

  6. I have the same competition with my Aunt, inspired by her giving me a pea in a pod soap dish, when I was 11??
    Have a friend who works in a hospital, so last year she obtained a (clean) colostomy bag for me to use as a gift. It has taken 27 years but they say revenge is a dish best served cold.

  7. Jennysnail - Lol

    Themadhouse - I think his early shows are fab

    The Bump Wear Project - ;)

    Weston-super-mum - How sweet

    Joise - I have a feeling its my turn, if its not lost!

    tattooed_mummy - Thank you. Now that sounds like fun. mmmm how to cook christmas dinner after you just stuffed your self silly....maybe not! lol

    gonnerjamie - Brilliant!

  8. hahaha that's so funny - I like Christmas traditions, amusing ones are even better.


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