Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Back To The Drawing Board

Last Tuesday after months of filling application forms and sending ot CV's I finally got a interview. The job was 8 hours in a local card shop and I was really excited and nervous about it.

The interview went really well, the woman was practically writting me on the schedules, yet on Saturday I got that dreaded thanks but no thanks letter! What went wrong? They say they will leave me on file, you only do that if the person has had a good interview. I tried to be as flexable as I possibly could and I think thats were it went wrong.

Now I have a baby, I personally can't work every hour god sends and I don't want to!

There are so many people looking for jobs now that employers can afford to be extra fussy. I competing against so many people for jobs, half the time you don't even get a rejection letter.

Its getting tough and I everytime I apply for a job and get another rejection letter its knocking me down and its getting harder to get back up.

I had a meeting at the job centre the other week and the advisor told me that I my qualifications and experience may actually be hurting my chances with some jobs and I should miss off  degree on application forms!! Great I work my arse for 5 years to put my self through my access course and degree, sometimes working 3 jobs to pay the bills and I have to forget about it to get a job, fantastic!!!

Things are getting tough and I'm getting quite low about it, I've never struggled to get a job before. If we could live without the extra income it wouldn't be an issue but we need the money.

So its back to job searching, rejection and my lovely visits to the job centre!



  1. Oh sweetheart - don't give up - I know how frustrating it is and the issues over money - it seems that having worked your whole life, gained qualifications and experience and having children means that you are now no longer eligible to work!! And if you're over 40 - forget it - things will get better - just keep applying for things and maybe even take a new course at college that you will enjoy - the time out I have every wednesday night for college is a lifeline! Take care

  2. I was looking for a job for three to four months earlier this year, it really is impossible. I've never struggled in the past yet I found exactly the same as you, it's hard to keep your confidence and motivation. I've decided to go and do a degree while the job market is at rock bottom, hope you have some success soon

  3. It's so hard out there at the moment to find a job. I'm sure you'll find one eventually, don't give up hope.

  4. Hang tough hon, the right job will come along when you least expect it.

  5. I feel you. I applied for job after job here in Ireland, and there was just nothing. Most people didn't even bother to send the 'thanks but no thanks' letter. Very disheartening. Don't give up, chicken, some lucky person will snap you up, you'll see! x

  6. So sorry you got nowhere with that job, hubby had so many good interviews and everything was looking positve and the dreaded letter would hit the door mat too. Keep going hun you'll fine soemthing soon, i hate money issues too keep smiling xxxx

  7. I think its hard for anyone to get a new job at the moment so don't take it personally. I would suggest adapting your CV a bit to suit the job you're going for so if the job doesn't need a degree then leave it off just for that application. You could end up with 3 or 4 different versions of your CV on your computer. I'm guessing you've already been on loads of websites with tips for interviews etc. If there is any way you can think of something you can set up yourself as a little business then I would recommend being self employed.

  8. You obviously have a talent for writing maybe you could use this to your advantage by writing for magazines, other peoples blogs and even websites. It could bring in some income whilst you're looking for that elusive job, you never know you could end up writing for a living.

  9. Its a bloody nightmare out there!

    I recently passed my exams too and was told I'd have to work down. I asked why I had to work down, if I spent five years trying to get up!!!!!

    Balls to 'em. I'm setting up on my own. Can you do that too?

    Good luck sweetie and dont give up. NEVER give up.

    Love RMxx

  10. singlemamasrock - Thank you x x

    Littlemummy - Thanks hun and good luck with your degree x

    Aingeal - Thank you x

    goonerjamie - I hope so x

    English Mum - thank you, it really is dishearting x

    Any - Thank you hun x

    Jennysnail - thank you for the advice x

    prem2pram - Thank you hun thats very kind of you x

    RM - Thank you hun. I've started as a commisioned consultant for Linen At Home, have booked my first party, just waiting for my webshop to go live. Not sure what else to do x

  11. Do NOT take your degree off your CV. You never know what one job may lead too. Keep it on!!

    Wishing you lots of job hunting luck. I know it's hard out there, but hopefully more jobs wil be available for Christmas at least soon xxx


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