Saturday, 21 November 2009

Honest Scrap

The lovely author of TheMadHouse blog has awarded me the Honest Scrap award and for that I say thank you very much.

Now I'm normally really bad at doing these I often leave them for so long that I have loads to do, so I'm trying to them straight away now!

Ok the rules for this meme is

1 Thank the person that sent it (Tick)
2 List 10 things you don't know about me
3 Pass on to 10 bloggers you admire

Here are 10 things you don't know about though after my posts this week there can't be much left to tell you!

1. I'm scared of tunnels! My dad and OH have been trying to get me on the Eurostar for years and I refuse to do so, the thought of being in that tunnel feels me with so much dread it makes me feel sick

2. I hate garlic

3.  I love New York, whenever I visit I feel at peace and would love to live their one day.

4. I have two best friends who are the best, best friends in the world.

BF1 I meet at college, we have been through a lot together including my mother leaving, her father dying, marriage, divorce and our daughters were born 7 weeks apart. We have done a lot of dancing, a lot of singing and a lot of talking in the 12 years I have known her.

BF2 I meet when she came to work for me in a bar, again we've through a lot marriage, birth, divorce, too much alcohol. I took her to her first concert, musical and for her first tattoo. I have convinced on numerous occasions to drive me across country and she has never complained. One year she drove me to from Peterborough Essex the day before Christmas eve because she was scared I would start a fight on the underground with all my luggage.

5. I'm alergic to cats

6. I have flat feet

7. I love musicals, movies or in the theatre. It doesn't matter I will watch them.

8. I once turned down a chance to work in the US

9. In the winter I can weeks without saving my legs

10. I had such a horrible pregnancy and a crappy birth that it has put me off having any more children and trust me I won't change my mind.

Now I am supposed to pass this onto 10 other bloggers, but as I said earlier I'm crap at memes so I'm not! Sorry!


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