Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Happy Ending....

I thought after telling quite a dark story yesterday that I would give you the happy ending, the what happened next....

When my mother left two things happened, firstly my brother and No2 sister went to live with their dad in Essex and me and No1 sister stayed in Peterborough. Sending them away was the hardest thing I have ever done but I had no home for them.

Me and No1 sister moved in with her friends parents and we were registered officially homeless, that was a real low for me. Thankfully we were re-housed in 7 weeks and were given a great flat.

While this was going on, No1 sister got her GCSE results which were great and was accepted on her college course. We both had part-time jobs and started college in the september, but it was hard, there was not enough money coming in. My dad helped with the rent but it was still a struggle so I gave up college and found full time work.

No1 sister worked really hard and passed her course with flying colours and had the choice of many universities. She graduated in 2004 and I was very proud sister at her graduation. Mo1 sister now works in a theatre in Essex doing the job she always wanted, she lives with a lovely man and is super happy!

No2 sister and my brother, went back to live with our mother about a year after she left, she got back in contact with their dad and they went one weekend and didn't go back. They came to me every summer for a week and its was the best weeks of my life.

My brother is now training to run his own bar, and No2 sister has a gorgeous baby girl who is 7 months younger then BG and is really happy.

And me? well I went back to college when No1 sister went to university and did an access course in Humanties and Social Sciences, I did it part-time over two year, I couldn't afford to do it full time. I worked 3 jobs and saved so that I could do my degree, which I did in Business and Law, I graduated in 2006.

That same year I meet OH, we moved in after 5 months and 2 years and 20 days after our first date BG was born and I am a happy abeit tired mummy!

And thats our life, we could have all gone down a road of self descruction but we didn't. Don't get me wrong its been hard, mistakes have been made and we are by no way perfect, but we are still standing and we survived.

I am a very proud mummy and sister


Ps you may have to read yesterdays post for this to make sense! lol


  1. What a great, inspiring story. I could sense your pride in your younger sister and her achievements! I have my own grubby childhood story (though mine just involved the one abusive father, and a mother who stuck with him, not us), and a similarly positive outcome for most of my siblings. I also no longer have contact with my parents (which isn't easy, no matter how much you know it's right), and my elder sister has never ever failed to be my best friend throughout, and encourage and believe in everything that I have done. Thanks for taking the time to share this - I do understand how difficult it can be. L x

  2. Goodness me. You are such a strong person. What a story. Had to read it twice to follow who went where and when. What a genuinely sweet character you have, but with a core of steel.

  3. Is great to read stories with happy endings, they seem to be so few and far between. Well done hon.

  4. You deserve to be happy, you have broken the chain and worked hard to prove you are a super person adn wonderful mum and dont forget it.

  5. There's nothing better than a happy ending. Am so pleased for you. Well done for maiking it happen - it shows just how strong you are for having survived to tell the tale xx

  6. And proud you should be! Of them and yourself!


  7. I'm so pleased things turned out so well for both you and your sister - you obviously have incredible spirit and determination and no doubt BG has inherited that!

  8. You have every right to be be proud, you've all done wonderfully xx

  9. So pleased things rurned out so well for you all - you are all clearly very strong people!

  10. What a inspiring story and its great to hear that you all have had your happy ending...well deserved!!!

  11. There is an award for you over at mine

  12. Laura- Thank you, and I've been there with an abusive parent. Step-dad 1 was violent x

    angelsandurchins - Sorry I confused you!

    goonerjamie - Thank you hun x

    TheMadHouse - You a very kind thank you x

    Maternal Tales - Thank you x

    Insomniac Mummy - Oh I am!

    Liz (Livingwithkids) - I think she has!

    Liz@violetposy - Thank you hun x

    Codingmama - yes and stuborn!

    Lorraine - Thank you darling x


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