Saturday, 14 November 2009

Shopping Trip

Yesterday OH sent me off to Lincoln to do some shopping with the express instructions to only buy for my self! (I do love him!)

The reason for the shopping trip was that I actually have very few clothes that fit me. The Majority of my clothes are pre-baby, with some maternity clothes thrown in and few new things I have bought in the sales.

My low point was last saturday night, we were going out for our 3rd aniversary and I couldn't find anything to wear. Now I know we often say that and we do have lots to wear but I really struggled to find a nice top that fit me.

I am probably the largest I have ever been and I hate it. I've been many sizes, I was once a size 10!! Though I only got that small due to a stomach ulcer!

I'm the one with the curly hair

This was 8 years ago (I'm soo young)

This one was taken about 4 years ago and I was a size 12/14, I liked my body this size.

My weight started to creep up when I moved in with OH and soon I was a size 16/18 and I didn't feel right so I joined weight watchers and lost a stone and a half in 5 months and was getting back down to my ideal weight when I fell pregnant.

I put all that weight back on and more, I was huge!

7 months pregnant

I've lost some weight since having BG, I did start WW again but I had a bad week and it all went wrong. Lack of sleep really doesn't help with weight loss.

So of course with all this weight gain none of my old clothes fit me and with no job I can't afford a whole new wardrobe, so yesterday I hit Primark and did some shopping.

Now I did get quite a bit, but it was a struggle to find clothes to fit me and I didn't get exactly what I wanted but its better then what I have.

So this is what I bought.........

4 Jumpers

2 Cardigans

A going out top

A pair of leggings

A pair of Boots

A Bag

I couldn't leave BG out

Not a bad shopping trip! I also got a new coat thanks to my lovely Daddy, its an early Christmas present and I love it!

Its John Rocha...

Should keep me nice and warm!

My new plan is to lose weight, I'm not happy at this weight and its taking its toll on my body. I ache constantly, so I am cutting out the bad food to start with. It will be a long proccess I know, life is tough at the moment and food is helps me get through it.

I'm taking small steps.



  1. Good luck and keep taking little steps as they will add up to bigger ones. The thing I would suggest is walking everywhere as fast as you can with BG in the pushchair, say an hour a day, make yourself go out for a walk even if you don't need to actually go somewhere. I love my food and am at the upper end of 'overweight' for my height and I do exercise to keep me from going over into 'obese' rather then dieting. But I know that if I wanted to lose weight to get back into 'normal' weight range (if I had the willpower)then I'd have to do a combination of diet and exercise to manage it. I've done weightwatchers and slimming world before and with slimming world you can eat a lot more food than weightwatchers and still lose weight.

  2. Oohh I like the going out top! Looks like a great shopping trip was had. And I see you couldnt resist something for BG. And small steps is definitely the best way anyway.

  3. I have had similar issues with weight WEnt from being a 8/10 when 18 steadily upwards until a 16/18. I finally had enough and went on a big weightloss thing. Now down to a 12. The one thing that helped me the most was joining something called sparkpeople (don't know if you've heard of it) online and free it allows you to keep track of all your food, exercise etc and realy helped me break the whole thing down and see progress.

    the clothes look fab :)

  4. Yay for the new clothes! Love the sparkly top, together with leggings and high heels the perfect Saturday night going out outfit.
    Don't let a bad week put you off. You did it once, you can do it again.
    Courage! xx MM

  5. Great stuff you got yourself! Don't you just love Primark? I do! Love the going out top.
    Good luck with the weight loss, like Met Mum says, you've done it before you will do it again! :) xx

  6. I heart Primark so much, need to make a visit myself some time soon.

    I find myself eating so much more rubbish then I used to now I am a mummy because I am in the house more now than I was in my working days so I know what exactly what you mean. You will do it hun, little steps like everyone is saying.

    Love the jacket by the way that will look lush x

  7. Love the jacket too, very nice.

    I can really sympathise, I have not lost any of my baby weight and smurf is 3, it's very difficult so yeah you for starting.

  8. It's always nice to treat yourself now and again.

    Small steps are good. I could do with following your lead.


  9. I certainly know what it is like to not have anything fit! Funny how a bit of shopping can make you feel so much better. Sounds like an afternoon well spent.

  10. Oh lovely I fell exactly the same, I've never managed to shift my post baby weight and stay at a size 18 no matter what I seem to do. DD's nearly 7 now I really have no excuses! I'm glad your shopping trip went well, it looks like you have some lovely bits there :) xxx

  11. Good luck , it is very tough . I am currently 5 stone heavier than i was when i got pregnant the first time and just not motivated to loose weight. Waiting till the new year now.

    I love your new stuff :)

  12. Your new clothes look great. Small steps seem the best way. Be kind to yourself!

  13. Ooo, I love that going out top!
    I've struggled with my weight for years so I know where you're coming from. WeightWatchers, Slimming World, Tesco diets, Atkins - none of them worked for me. The only thing that has worked is the Cambridge diet. It's expensive, bloody hard but I lost 10lbs in the first week. I have a total of 5.5-6 stone to lose and am half way there. I feel so much better.
    However you decide to do it lots of luck to you. It's so hard to do but I'm sure you'll be great. x

  14. Thank you all for the advice and support!

    The going out top looked fab saturday night and the coat is so warm x

  15. JJ's mum is a member of Slimming World and she loves it. It's a really supportive atmosphere and she seems to lose a couple of pounds every week.

    I like your new clothes :-)

  16. I did a 8 week diet thing with the Food Doctor that was filmed for TV. The best tip I got was that you should cheat 20% of the time, if you allow yourself that, you are more likely to stick to the rest of it. Good luck hon.


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