Sunday, 8 November 2009

And Then She Walked!

This afternoon BG cames back from 48 hours with nana and grandad. It was a tough two days, I really really missed her.

It wasn't all bad, Saturday was mine and OH's 3 year aniversary, so went out for cocktails and dinner. However we had not used to being out so we were home by 9.30 in our PJ's with a cuppa watching strictly on sky +! Oh the glamour that is my life!

They bought her back at about 2ish this afternoon, by then I was climbing the walls waiting for her. She was really excited to see us, she lunged at my for a huge hug , she then climbed down me and then she walked across the living room to her daddy!!

We all screamed and clapped and BG was very proud of her self, though not as proud as I was.

I guess the real fun starts now!



  1. We managed to get Mia's first steps on video.It's one of many great momments you will share together.

    My Hodge Podge Life

  2. Awww! What a moment. I am tearing up at it - must be left-over pregnancy hormones! Well done BG!

  3. You know what, the fun never stops, enjoy each milestone as they come thick and fast. well done BG

  4. Yay BG!

    Oh yes, the fun begins right now indeed!


  5. Insomniac Mummy - Thanks hun x


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