Sunday, 1 November 2009

Blogger Love and A Bit of Bragging

I've been a bit of a bad blogger in the last few weeks so today I will make it up to you all with a bit of blogger love. However there will also be a bit of bragging and self promotion from me as well but its my blog and I can do what I like!!

Firstly if you haven't already then please go and checkout the latest British Mummy Bloggers carnival which is being held over a Hot Cross Mum's its a Halloween special.

We have some new blogs on the block so go visit and show some love!

Life of A Pink Haired Mummy

 Beetroot and Gerkins

and finally if you haven't already check out Sleep Is For The Weak's writing workshops, one day I will have time to participate!

Ok time for a little self promo from me!!

I have written a guest post for Daisy Chain Baby, please go over and have a read and leave a comment, its all about our childrens firsts.

My first reviews for the Mums Test are now live and be sure to read my latest review for the great toy guide.

Lastly there was a list put together for the Indepedent of the Top 50 websites and blogs for parents and guess who was in there?? Yeap that right little old me! You can check out the A-Z here

Ok bragging over, I promise some proper post this week



  1. Much blog envy here! You beat so many people in The Independant chart.You should takepart in the SITFW work shop, it's great fun.Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Congratulations! I know you were feeling a bit down, you deserve to be really proud of yourself ;)

  3. Hey - we all need to indulge in a little bragging every now and again! Thanks for the carnival promo and really, really well done to you on the Indie listing - go, go New Mummy!

  4. Absolutely agree with Hot Cross Mum - you deserve a little bragging, clever you. Well done! Was great to see your name in the Top 50. The power of the mummy blogger continues to rise!

  5. Congrarualtions on being in the top 50. We are all allowed a little bragging now and then!!

  6. Hey bragging is allowed, your blog is great and you deserved to be in the top 50, well done you!!!!!

  7. Hi,

    Love your mummy blog - nice and refreshing. Do you have an email contact?

    Many thanks


  8. alybean - Thank you hun, I'm going to write one for this week x

    Rosiescribble - Thank you, this month seems to be a lot better x

    HCM - You're welcome, thank you and well done in making the indy list your self x

    angelsandurchins - Thank you, it does feel good! x

    Themadhouse - We are indeed! Thank you x

    Lorraine - Thank you hun x

    Grace - Have sent you an email


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