Monday, 23 November 2009

Helping The People Of Cumbria

We are putting together an Auction to raise funds for the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund.

The Auction will be hosted by Bambino Goodies and is being coordinated by Kat Molesworth, Bambino Goodies Features Editor.

We have set up a specific email account for this

The Plan: to gather a series of auction lots covering a range of values to be auctioned off fromMonday 30th November – Sunday 6th December the proceeds of which will be donated in full to the recovery fund.

The mechanics of the auction are being decided in the next couple of days we are looking intooptions including in house hosting and eBay charity auctions – we will keep you posted.

How you can help:


• Our idea is that each lot will have several items of low to medium value or one or two high value items. You are welcome to create more than one lot.
• What kind of items? That’s entirely up to you; we are willing to consider all ideas! The moredesirable the better. Whether it is products, shopping sprees, mystery extras or experiences; all offers are welcome.
• Postage: you will need to include postage to the winner in your offer, please let us know if this is UK only or available to International bidders as well.
• Please email your offers to:
•Once you have offered an auction lot we will send you a confirmation form where you can list all the details – this will be the official confirmation of your offer.
• All donations are to be confirmed by Thursday 26th November to allow us to set the auction up.
• We will confirm the details of the winning bidders following successful payment so you can post their lot to them


• Can you help us promote the auction to other potential donors?
• Are you able to spread the word through social media? We have large support from parent bloggers and would really appreciate every extra voice.

• Once the auction is live please stop by and bid!

All offers of support are gratefully accepted.
Please help imagine if it was you!


  1. fabulous cause. Am very excited to see what things are up for auction.

  2. Me too, once the aution is up I will post the link x If you want to tweet this that would be great x

  3. what kind of items are people donating?

  4. I'm not 100% sure but I think its all things, vouchers, products they make etc

    For more info email the address in the post


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