Friday, 31 July 2009

That's It I'm Leaving The Baby....

..Group that is!! Ha ha had you worried!

Now its not because of the Yummy Mummies, or that its too much hassle to go! Its because its been taken over by the people that own the church hall and basically that have ruined the group!! (In my opinion of course)

Instead of the nursery rhymes playing there is a big screen TV playing kids programmes! If I wanted BG to watch TV I'd stay at home

Also (and I can kinda understand why they do it) that have made a baby corner (which the group already had) but the have turned the chairs to face the wall in a semi circle so you are away from the rest of the group!! So if no other babies BG's age are there then I have to sit facing a wall on my own with BG!! That's why I go to baby group to get away from my walls!!

Also the last organiser arranged visits from people and themed days and also had a news letter, now there is nothing.

There have been complaints on the local nets mums

So we are longer going which is a shame as it was just up the road and it was nice to get out on a Friday morning.

So until we find a new group that we can get to, I have bought a book on baby signing so we are going to learn that! and hopefully start swimming soon as well

OK rant over have a good night

NM x


  1. I'm sorry your group has been ruined, that happened to me i was part of a under ones group and it was just me and 3 other mums who went and we kept going until our babies were over 1year but no one else ever came.

    One day they told us we couldn't any more because they wanted new people to come not just us and our older babies (14month olds) might put off other mums???

    So that was it and I never found another group it was so silly! I hope you find another group xx

  2. OMG! Can't believe it about the TV screen WTF?? Can you not say something to the new orgainser? It seems such a shame. Or get on the committee and stick your oar in?

  3. Sounds like a real nightmare of massive proportions. I dont like baby groups myself. Lots of people, nothing in common apart from poo and sick. Lots of germs being spread. We go to music classes they are the best thing ever!

  4. What a shame! Hope you can find something else to do. Since you mention signing: we go to a baby signing class called Tiny Talk (there is a website and you might find a group near you) and it is excellent. I can highly recommend signing classes for the fun, the singing, the friendships AND the communication benefits. (I'm not even on commission!)

  5. Some people dont realise that change for change's sake is a bad move. Hope you find another group soon. Im sure you know this, but just in case, try your local Sure Start ... they should be able to point you in the right direction x

  6. What a shame, maybe a few of you who are unhappy could start your own group up, that way you will get all the activities you want onboard.

  7. Chairs that face the wall???

    Have you all been naughty?


    You're better off out of it. Hope you find a new group soon. RMxx

  8. I hope you tell the organisers why you dont want to go anymore. I don't know if its still running but there was a really good music one at Pinchbeck on a friday called tiny tunes.

  9. It's such a shame when a good thing is ruined by those who are "making improvements". The playgroup I took my children to completely changed in the years I went there and became very clicky in the end. Very "them" and "us" and not so much fun ;(

  10. Thanks everyone, the main problem I have is I don't drive and a lot of the groups are quite a way from me, including our sure start centre. The woman that set up the group orginally is very simiar to me as she doesn't drive or know that many people in the area (I've only been here a few yrs)the hall were it is run is a church hall and they now run the baby group, she gave it up as she wasn't making enough money to cover costs, she wasn't running it to make money just friends. She asked them to lower the rent and they refused!

    There is anywhere else in the area to run a group that is central and a resonable price to rent

    Hopefully we will find something soon

    NM X

  11. I went to a group that closed down with my eldest, 6 years ago now. Three of us had made friends, but only ever met up there so we decided to carry on meeting at our own houses, taking it in turns. It was a bit of a squash, but lovely to keep up with them and we are still friends!

  12. Victoria - thankfully I've made friends with the woman who ran it so we now meet up, we're off swimming this week x


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